Wix vs WordPress Comparison – Who is the Winner


Wix vs WordPress

A common question which comes up in mind while trying to build a website is “Wix or WordPress?”

At Exabytes, we are always trying to simplify things for our customers. This article evaluates the two platforms after which, hopefully, it becomes easy to make a choice.


How to design a website is the first thought anyone encounters when starting up.

Should it be a WordPress website or is Wix better? How to build a website using WordPress? Will Wix be easier? – these are some of the challenges to overcome for any entrepreneur in e-commerce and thinking of website design.

It all boils down to how simple the tool is!

Wix offers some very easy tools to create a website. These includes a WYSIWYG interface for basic online store, ecommerce platforms, product website etc.

One does not have to worry about coding too as the setup allows to drag and drop whatever is required anywhere on the site. It enables adding multi-media files and also rearrange web pages.

With WordPress, one can edit a website layout with a live preview using the amazingly simple and powerful “WordPress Block Editor”. Millions of website design templates and themes becomes easily accessible.

The WordPress live theme customizer aids 100% customization of each theme.

What’s more, one can blend in blocks for headings, image galleries, buttons and text to create a visually stunning website design theme.

Beaver Builder, Divi, Themify Builder etc are some of the most popular page builders preferred by people pondering on how to design a website.

Online business ideas can be given a stunning visual representation with zero coding by making it a WordPress website using an intuitive drag-n-drop page builder plug-in.

Ecommerce Business and Product Website

Starting an online business or making a product website out of online business ideas is the primary reason for building a business website.

While Wix and WordPress both offer ecommerce platforms, there are differences in the characteristics and templates.

The Wix free plan does not allow users to host an ecommerce business or an ecommerce platform.

Its best for a basic online store. Upgrading to a paid plan with Wix is the only option for those who want to use Wix for an ecommerce store.

Online payments can be accepted using payment systems integrated with Wix or external applications like Alipay, CIMB, PayPal etc.

E-commerce sites need intelligent and strong marketing solutions to be successful. Starting an online business is one thing, ensuring it becomes popular and rakes in revenues is altogether another effort.

Wix has very few third-party applications that can be integrated with it to market, promote and advertise.

Wix levies a 2.9% charge on every transaction carried through their payment system. There’s a further US$ 0.30 charge for payments in the US. Every business website wants to grow in size and revenue.

With Wix payments, the more you grow, the larger your levies which dent profits.

Hosting Migration

The Wix FAQs suggests that any website that uses its service would be hosted on Wix servers only, there are severe constraints to be encountered if Wix is the hosting platform.

If one chooses to move away from Wix, there is significant labour in doing so. All files including videos, images, website pages, website design template details, have to be downloaded manually.

The blog posts are exported only XML format only!

WordPress enables very easy data migration. Changing from one WordPress hosting provider to another is incredibly simple!

As WordPress is a self-hosted platform – exporting a WordPress database along with contents like multi-media files, data backups etc is simple.

A one click data exporter helps downloading all the content in XML format which can easily be restored with another WordPress hosting service.

At Exabytes, we provide hosting migration and domain migration service to make it easy for businesses to market their products while we take care of their hosting needs.

Blogging with Wix and WordPress

Wix fulfils all the elementary features a blog needs. These include categorization, tagging, embedding videos, custom links and archiving.

However, Wix uses a plain text editor with severely limited formatting options which can put off a lot of users. The options of a rich text format editor is sorely missed.

The option to create private posts or backdate posts is unavailable too.

WordPress originated as a platform for bloggers and blogging! It evolved into a 360 degree website builder as it grew in usage and popularity.

Owing to its roots, WordPress offers all the features a blogger could ever wish for. Support for rich text format, a native comments and feedback section and usage of unlimited plugins to create a feature rich blog or ecommerce platform is all available aplenty.

Using WordPress as a blogging engine is a no brainer. Be it the endless feature list, open source community, hosting platform support, website design options and controlling external comments etc – WordPress is head and shoulders above Wix.

Hosting Cost Evaluation

Wix provides a very basic website builder at no cost to its users. The catch though is the plethora of advertisement banners listed on your website.

Wix also does not allow usage of customized domain name with its free offerings. Even more crippling is the unavailability of Google Analytics and other add-ons.

Wix does offer paid plans with varying space and bandwidth. Some of these plans also provide a free domain on limited TLDs. In general, though, the feature list of these plans is limited.

WordPress is a self-hosted platform and is free to be used. However, any blog or business website using WordPress would have to obtain a internet domain name.

Exabytes plans offer free domain name with WordPress hosting plans for anyone who signs up with us. There are plans starting as low as RM 9.99/month with 30GB SSD storage (Wix offers 500 MB space for approximately RM 12/month)

Along with powerful but cheap web hosting and domain, there is guaranteed 24×7 tech support to rely on.

WordPress hosting comes with unlimited options, limitless customisation and the freedom to move wherever you want with your WordPress website.

Overall – WordPress is a run away winner when compared to Wix at all levels.

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