How to Build Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing


Build Customer Relationships Through Email Marketing

Email marketing has turned out to be one of the promising options in digital campaigns, and numerous case studies are emphasizing the effectiveness of email marketing as a potential solution for customer engagement. 

Both in terms of pre-sales campaign or post-sale service or regular customer engagement, across the requirements of the business stages, email marketing is one of the key options, and is among the economic options for the businesses. 

Globally many businesses rely on newsletters, transactional emails, and other kinds of email marketing solutions to deal in the case of the customer relationship

However, the crux for businesses is how the businesses can rely on email marketing solutions to improve customer relationships.

Are there any email automation solutions that can help businesses in dealing with email marketing and handling customer relationship management? 

In this article, some of the best practices that can help businesses in developing good customer relationship management basis email marketing are highlighted. 

1. Integrity 

People share their personal information like an email address or contact details to businesses when they sign up to get emails from the company. 

Earn their trust by telling them the truth about what will be the focal point in the business emails from the company. 

caution while reading email

For instance, when people share their email addresses with a company, some businesses try to exploit the condition and share such email addresses with third parties or affiliates. 

In other cases, ignoring the importance of customer relationship management, businesses spam their customer email contacts regularly with too many promotional emails, etc. 

Even in the case of the unsubscribe option from the customer, they continue to send emails to customers. Such acts shall disappoint the customers and could hurt customer relationship management. 

Businesses should be as specific as possible to the customers on what they can expect from the emails, and the privacy policies followed by the business, towards the personal information of the customers.

Also, businesses need to avoid any kind of impromptu emails with random offers or discounts, which is not practical. 

To turn email subscribers into paying customers, businesses need to build trust with them by showcasing value propositions in the deal, respecting the privacy of the customers, and ensuring there is proper communication. 

Unless businesses ensure there is a proper email marketing strategy in place, it is complex to gain and upkeep the trust of the customers, and towards having good customer relationship management. 

2. Maintain High Quality and Genuine Content

87% of marketing professionals most frequently use email to organically spread content. With 89% of the market, email is now just behind social media as the second-most popular method of content distribution.

No matter what business it is, in the case of email marketing, the content must be professional, precise, and effective with good content.

Businesses can share a distinct set of information with the customers, but when they choose to rely on email automation, the quality of the content, and presentation of the content matter for bulk email marketing or transactional email solutions.

If email marketing consists of any newsletters or other such campaign information, it must be more precise and have accurate information, and information pertinent to what is being promoted or highlighted.

Collation of any old information or improper presentation of details in the newsletters can impact customer relationship management using email marketing.

Also, in the case of transactional emails like payment confirmations, renewal information or service-due details, etc., the business should focus on presenting the information in simple and effective ways, and the message must be impressive to have appropriate kind of customer relationship practices.

3. Customer Profiling 

Knowing more about the customers can help businesses deal with email automation for email marketing more effectively.

In customer relationship management, one of the first steps for the business to focus on is to have a proper understanding of customer profiles. 

Using the possible sources to understand more about the customers like the demographics, occupation, or interests of the customers, etc. can help in curating appropriate kind of email marketing plans.

For instance, some customers might be interested in the product benefits whereas few could be keen on price factors. 

Also, depending on the age group of customers some generic classification of the preferences could be possible. 

Using appropriate kinds of analytical insights to deal with customer relationship management can help businesses come up with more efficient ways of handling email marketing.

Even in the instances of using email automation solutions for bulk email marketing, one should focus on possible customizations. 

For example, using the name of the customer in the greetings, signature email of the top executive of the company, etc can help in developing better kind of email marketing practices to improve the customer relationship

Use Sendinblue to create transactional email.

Also, in the case of transactional email communication (a kind of customer relationship management), ensuring the communication is customized and dealt with in a quick turnaround time can have a good impression. 

If a customer purchases a product, a thank email with more information on the how-to-use or know-how inputs emailed within the same day or the following day can have a better impression. 

4. Call-for-Action 

Use a real person’s email address for any communication using email automation solutions too.

Don’t use a “do not reply” email address and make it easy for subscribers to get in touch with customer support, by offering scope to reply to the email or by providing adequate information on customer support options. 

Putting the name of the person to contact in your emails will make it easier for the subscribers to communicate for more information. 

Any kind of email marketing plan should always consider having appropriate kind of call-for-action pages, which can help businesses in developing good customer relationships.

Respect your customer preferences and make it easy for them to stop getting email marketing emails if they don’t want to.

5. Use the Analytics 

Many of the new-age email automation solutions offer more insights in terms of the bounced emails, the list of email addresses wherein the customers read the email, etc. 

Choosing to use such data for insights and informed decisions in planning email marketing can help in developing better levels of customer relationship management. 

To have more information on the email automation options resourceful for email marketing, and customer relationship management, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia team.

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