Understanding the Cost Factors of Custom Web App Development


cost factors of custom web app development

The rapidly expanding domain of web app development has experienced a significant surge in recent years, catching the attention of app creators worldwide.

It has become the most effective instrument for businesses to promote their brand and establish a global presence in today’s digitally-driven world.

Consequently, most brands, regardless of size, have functional web applications to obtain a competitive advantage.

For the purpose of precise project planning and budget allocation, a comprehensive evaluation of custom web app development cost is necessary. 

In this post, you will be enlightened on the main factors that affect the web app development pricing, and plan your development cycle accordingly. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Custom Web App Development

understanding the cost factors of custom web app development

1. Features and Functionalities of the Custom Web Application

Incurring the cost for custom web app development is based on the specific features and functionalities incorporated into the application. With the inclusion of new sophisticated features, the fundamental cost of the web app you intend to create increases. 

We’ve categorized web applications according to their level of complexity so that you can quickly estimate their cost. These are not precise estimates, but rather the average cost ranges for web application development.

Level of Web App Complexity


Basic Web Apps


Innovative Startup Web Apps


Mid-Level Complex Web Apps


Complex Web Apps



2. Engagement Model of the Web App Development Company

The web app development cost is proportional to the size of your development team.

Consider the project’s complexity and the intended quality of the web application when determining the appropriate size of the team.

There are three engagement models to choose from:

In-House Team: This is the conventional method of hiring web developers. This team operates in a location that is managed directly by your organization. The internal team has identical objectives, vision, and mission. However, employing in-house developers is substantially more expensive than engaging offshore developers.

Freelancers: It is the most affordable way to hire web developers, particularly if you have a limited budget. There are dozens of websites that can assist you in finding freelancers to develop web applications according to your specifications. Nevertheless, hiring a freelance developer can reduce the web app development cost, and is preferable for straightforward tasks. It is not advised to hire a freelance developer for complex web app development. 

Outsourcing Team: Outsourcing web application development entails forming a partnership with a team that can develop an application from conception to completion. Therefore, in regions where web app development services are expensive, outsourcing is the most practical and cost-effective option. Hiring an outsourcing team has a few disadvantages. With this assortment, you can save a great deal. You only need to pay for actual work performed at the hourly rate of the contracted company.

3. Location of the Web App Developers

As web development is a labor-intensive task, the geographical location of your development team has a substantial impact on the total cost of the project.

Due to the higher pricing of local developers, companies choose to hire expert developers at relatively lower rates in distant regions. 

In nations like the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada, the cost of hiring web app developers is excessive. On the other hand, in organizations located in South Asian nations such as India, competent developers can engage in web app development at reduced costs.

Developer Expertise Eastern Europe USA Latin America Asia
Junior Developer $25-$42 $133-$233 $35-$44 $18-$24
Mid-Level Developer $35-$56 $132-$140 $30-$52 $24-$35
Senior Developer $45-$70 $153-$163 $45-$55 $30-$42


4. Platforms for the Web Application

Opting for specific platforms can have a direct impact on the cost for custom web app development. Web projects generally operate on one of two platforms: Linux or Windows.

Windows hosting can be priced higher than Linux hosting due to Windows’ licensing fees, whereas Linux platforms generate revenue through support contracts.

The majority of web-based initiatives necessitate a database, and Windows platforms include SQL Server. SQL Server hosting is considerably more expensive than MySQL hosting, which is typically the database of choice for Linux developers.

5. Database Integration and eCommerce Functionality

Complex issues are likely to arise during database integration, which necessitates the use of in-depth technical knowledge and seasoned professionals.

In addition, certain applications must incorporate eCommerce features such as cookies, payment gateway, security threads, etc. The seamless integration of database and eCommerce functionality undoubtedly leads to an increase in web app development costs.

6. UI/UX Complexity of the application

The final cost for custom web development is influenced by various factors, including its overall complexity, additional elements, and any animations that are incorporated.

Ideally, the custom User Interface (UI) of an application should possess an aesthetic appeal, an intuitive user experience, and a high degree of adaptability.

It is crucial, however, to strike a delicate balance and avoid overwhelming the UI with redundant elements that may hinder its functionality.

A simple design of a webpage costs $300-$500. On the other hand, complex elements like 3D animations cost $4000-$5000. 

7. Maintenance Cost

Following the successful launch of the application, it becomes imperative to allocate resources toward the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the software.

This entails addressing any bugs or glitches that may arise, as well as incorporating new and exciting features through regular updates. As the number of enhanced versions increases, so too does the cost of web app development.

How to Reduce Web App Development Cost?

Developing a web app can often come with a hefty price tag, particularly if you lack the knowledge and expertise to approach web app development in a cost-effective and streamlined manner.

To ensure optimal cost-efficiency without compromising on the desired level of quality, it is vital to follow these necessary guidelines:

1. Careful Planning

As the development process unfolds, it is not uncommon for the initial concept of the final product to undergo revisions. Consequently, this evolution may result in an extension of the development timeline and an accompanying increase in web app development pricing. 

In order to ensure a smooth and efficient development process for your product, it is crucial to employ a Product Requirements Document (PRD). This document serves as a valuable tool to align all stakeholders involved, establish clear expectations, and effectively allocate resources. With PRD, you can

  • Add UI and UX specifications
  • Define the platforms your app supports
  • Create a definitive inventory of the features your idea requires
  • Set deadlines for development stages

2. Outsource the App

If you already have an internal development team, the majority of your work is complete. All you need to do is present them with your PRD, obtain estimates, and commence your journey from concept to product.

If you lack a team or the necessary technical skills, it is recommended to delegate your idea to a reputable third-party web application development partner.

3. Begin with a Simple Design

An intricate design requires time and effort. The more time-consuming the design, the higher will be the web app development cost.

Surely, a well-considered design will benefit your product, particularly from a marketing standpoint. The issue is whether your web application’s initial design must be complex.

When launching your product, one method to reduce web app development costs is to choose a simplistic design and revisit the case when you are certain that your product works.

To sum it up…

Predicting the cost for custom web app development does not lend itself to precise estimation. Taking into account all of the influencing factors should enable you to arrive at a cost estimate for developing your innovative app idea.

If you face difficulty to calculate web app development pricing, you can consult experts from a reputable web app development company. We have experts specializing in designing and deploying the most innovative, scalable web application with cutting-edge features and capabilities.

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