eCommerceFest 2021 Series#1: The Ultimate Tips to Pitch Your Business Idea to Investors Successfully


Finally, we come to the last topic of eCommerceFest Series #1, ‘The Ultimate Tips to Pitch Your Business Idea to Investors Successfully’. This was an interesting topic that provides tips and advice for business owners to pitch to their investors successfully. 

Getting investors successfully is not based on how good your presentation skills are or how pleasant your pitch deck looks.

There are many areas that investors are looking for from a business owner to decide whether the business is worth investing in. And this session focused on how to impress the investors effectively with your pitch. 

How to pitch your business idea to investors successfully
The moderator (Puan Juliana Jan) and panelists (Liew Kei Yan, Ben Lim, Yi Chung Ng & Zer Ken Yap) of the event.

Let’s dive into the keynotes of Topic 3: 

1. What are the investors looking for? 

a. A strong team 

When a startup pitches to the investors, it is crucial to show that it has a strong team. A strong team is able to choose a market that has higher potential, determine the business model, and figure things out and get things done. 

b. Capture the market

When you pitch to the investors, show them that you are able to capture your target market. When your plan has the potential to capture the market, at the same time producing adequate revenue, it justifies that you can be a successful startup. 

2. What to prepare before pitch your business idea to investors?

a. Prepare psychologically 

Before you pitch to the investors, sit back and calm yourself. Go through your presentation deck and understand clearly what you are going to say for your pitch.

It is important for you to really understand and be clear on the points you would like to pitch to your potential investors. 

b. Prepare answers for investors’ questions

After pitching to the potential investors, they will have some questions to ask you regarding your business. Imagine what questions the potential investor might ask and try to prepare a Q&A on your deck.

Preparing the answer beforehand will definitely give potential investors a good impression of your company. 

c. Make sure you know your numbers 

Having clear and holistic numbers like the metrics and profits is important. It is a crucial part of showing all the numbers in your pitch as this shows that you know your business well.

This is also a good indication to the investors whether you are a good company that is worth investing in. Moreover, numbers generate the interest of potential investors in your business. 

3. Storytelling Vs. Metrics 

a. Both are important 

It is better to balance storytelling and metrics when you pitch your business idea to investors. Most of them are founders who have been through their own journey and have their own stories.

However, a business is not always about the founder. The team matters too! A team that complement each other is a strong team that is capable of overcoming different challenges.

Some people are good at storytelling, some at metrics. Both are important. 

4. Just be yourself 

When you pitch to potential investors, it is important to just be yourself. You need to be real when pitch your business idea to investors because if the potential investors eventually decide to invest in your business, establishing a good relationship and trust is important.

You will not want the investors to find out a different you before and after investing in your business as this will affect your credibility. 

There are many competitors out there who want to seize the chance to get funded. To stand out and convince the investors to invest in your business, you need to be well-prepared.

Be prepared so that you can make the investors become interested in your pitch. 

Experts who joined this panel discussion included Liew Kei Yan, Founder & CEO, PARKIT, Ben Lim, Managing Director of NEXEA, Zer Ken Yap, Co-founder of Plush Services and Kapas Living and Yi Chung Ng, Partner, ACV — all are experienced investors and business owners. 

The tips and advice shared during the discussion were based on their experience and insight. Apply the valuable tips and pitch successfully. 

Wish to know more? Watch the full video of this session and learn all the details! 

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