Exabees at GoMeasure with Google Analytics Kuala Lumpur 2011


Google Analytics, a big name in the online world, is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use feature which allows website owners and online marketers to analyze their traffic data and be more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen their marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

Simply put, it is a web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

GoMeasure with Google Analytics 2011

During the recent “GoMeasure with Google Analytics” seminar which was held at Hotel Hilton in KL on 8 September, 10 exabees were thrilled to be its participants to gain more insights onto numerous subjects presented by various Google experts such as Sajith Sivanandan, Country Head of Google Malaysia, John Jersin, Product Manager of Google Analytics, Rachit Dayal, Principal Consultant of Happy Marketer, a web analytics consulting firm in Singapore, Vinny Vijeyakumaar, Senior Conversion Specialist of Google Southeast Asia, Nagalakshimi, AdWords Product Specialist of Google APAC and Timo Josten, Google Analytics Certified Partner Manager of Google APAC & EMEA just to name a few.

GoMeasure with Google Analytics 2011

Interesting and highly informative workshops include topics on “360-Degree Tracking: Campaign Variables” by Rachit Dayal, “The Key To Success: Scoring Goals” by Matthew Zaheen, Senior Account Manager of Google Southeast Asia, “Measuring The Mobile Visitor” by Nasheet Islam, Mobile Ad Operations Manager of Google APAC, “Optimising For The Post-Click Experience” by Timo Josten, “Page Speed: Light Speed Path To Conversions” by John Jersin, Product Manager of Google Analytics and many more.

Registration and refreshments started at 1.30pm with more than 800 participants from various companies and backgrounds flocked to the registration hall before opening remark by Google Malaysia’s country head Sajith Sivanandan and keynote speech by John Jersin, Product Manager of Google Analytics.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Jersin brought up the issue that most website owners in Southeast Asia were not taking steps to improve the efficiency at which they convert their traffic.

He further stressed that there were significant ROI to be made by online businesses by investing effort in conversion optimization.

The first workshop of the day was “360-Degree Tracking: Campaign Variables” which shared on some useful campaign tagging tips and how to be a tagging superhero which didn’t require one to be a techie.

Mr. Matthew Zaheen, Senior Account Manager of Google Southeast Asia took over by addressing “The Key To Success: Scoring Goals”.

In this workshop, he explained the consumer decision journey as well as some tricks of the trade. Subsequently, another expert in the field, Nasheet Islam stepped forward and shared with the audience on “mobile measurement” and how one could measure his mobile visitors.

He also covered “understanding the mobile opportunity”, “measuring mobile apps visitors” and a case study on Estee Lauder.

One interesting fact Mr. Islam mentioned was that to better cater for the need and comfort of mobile users, one should design bigger icons so that mobile users find it convenient to use their thumbs when pressing.

Moreover, if your site aims to target elder users, bigger fonts should be used as well to ensure easy reading.

Next was “Measuring Social” by John Jersin once again, who then touched on what was Social Plugin Analytics, how to set up tracking as well as an effective case study on milkadeal.com.

Before we were ready for a tea break, speaker Nagalakshmi, AdWords Product Specialist of Google APAC came forward to share with us the topic on “Measuring In The Wider Ecosystem”.

A 15-minute tea break was served at 3.30pm, with majority of participants taking the chance to mingle around and some asking the speakers a question or two to clear their doubts regarding the topics on previous workshops.

Seminar resumed at 3.45pm. Mr. Timo Josten, Google Analytics Certified Partner Manager of Google APAC & EMEA begun talking about “Optimizing For The Post-Click Experience”.

The subsequent workshop was “Landing Page & Site Usability Tips”, one of the most awaited sessions to find out more about enhancing web visitor experience with landing pages.

The speaker of this session, Mr. Marc Woo, Senior Account Strategist of Google Malaysia emphasized “The Big 8” which a good landing page must have – confirmation, speed, first impression, design, visual and texts, call-to-action, value proposition and persuasion.

Mr. Jeremy Wong from ClickTRUE added his points by doing an analysis on landing page design and how it affected the conversion rate of a website. He quoted the examples of SOMA and 701Panduan.com to assist his explanations.

Before the final Q&A session with all speakers took place, Mr. Josten, Mr. Jersin and Mr. Vijeyakumaar again came to stage in 3 different 10-minute sessions to talk about “Page Speed: Light Speed Path To Conversions”, “Google Analytics Certified Partner Program” and “12 Steps For Conversion Success In 2012”.

Finally, the much awaited Q&A session was here; all speakers were invited to stage and sit in line. Various questions were then raised by the keen participants and it took more than 20 minutes to clear all the lingering doubts in them.

The subsequent breakout sessions saw small talks being given by Google team, clickTRUE & Happy Marketer in small groups. Drinks and networking session started from 6.20pm onwards, with majority staying back to mingle freely, made friends and exchanging views on online business, Google Analytics, etc.

10 exabees went back full-handed with deeper knowledge in Google Analytics – ‘GoMeasure with Google Analytics 2011’.

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