Who is the Domain or Website Owner?


What Is Domain Owner or Website Owner

Domain owner means the legal owner of a domain name. It can belong to the person or organization listed as the domain’s registrar as the owner of the particular domain name.  Domains typically have four contacts: registrant/owner, admin, technical, and billing.

There are few types of domain names, for normal TLD domain name, you can check the contacts listed using a WHOIS Lookup, if the WHOIS Lookup does not display the owner information, and it won’t be displayed due to the person’s/owner added with Domain Privacy Protection(WHOIS privacy service).

You May Be Curious, Who Is The Website Owner or Domain Owner?

When we first try to search for a domain, our mind will automatically pick up the easiest name to remember.

Due to the internet world booming started from the year 1999 or 2000, most of the nice .COM / .Net domain name has been secured by earlier internet adopter.

The first steps to launch a website choosing a domain name and then finding a suitable hosting plan.

However, choosing the perfect domain name can take a slightly longer time.

You’ve spent most of the time for the names, you also tried different domain suggestion tools, and you’ve finally found the perfect one.

You are about to buy your domain and found out that it’s already been registered by someone.

If you still can’t resist owning the domain name. Don’t stop here, you can do some hard work by contacting the domain owner.  

Whois checker

Figure Out Who Is The Domain Name Owner

Get in touch to see if they’d be willing to sell it to you. You might pay a slightly higher price than normal registration. Getting that perfect domain could be worth it.

Domain Name Lover/Investor

Many people buy domains without actually using them. Some may just want to own the domain name for resell value or plan to have the business but end up leaving the domain as a collection.

If you’ve found a domain that’s registered, but the site is empty, there is a chance the domain is available for purchase.

Even if there is a website built up, you’ll be able to purchase the site entirely. You can define by how frequent is the page update to know whether the owner is willing to sell you, but this is just an assumption.

Many owners may have multiple projects, and decided to move onto other projects and haven’t updated the site in quite some time.

If this is the case, you can purchase the business/project at a cheaper price compared to the frequent update website.

Who Owns The Domain Name?

Finding a domain name owner’s information is not difficult. WHOIS Lookup / WHOIS Checker can help you with answers. This is due to the domain name owner must provide relevant contact information.

To perform a domain lookup navigate, you can head on to this site: https://whois.icann.org/en, enter the domain name and start checking.

As mentioned above, some domain names are covered by domain privacy protection. Hence, their information will look like this;

Domain Owner with privacy protection

You’ll find more information about the IP address as well, but the above elements will be the most useful to you.

By using WHOIS database information you’ll be able to see when a domain is about to expire. Let’s say, if the owner does not renew, it will be open up for public registration again. You may check out how the Domain Life Cycle works and plot your date.

Found the Domain Owner. Now What?

The first is reaching out to the owner via email and telling your interest in buying the domain name or business.

The second step involves you dealing directly with the domain owner if possible. Or using a domain name broker who will handle the negotiation and transfer process.

There are services like Sedo or flippa, which will handle the entire process.

For domain owner’s information that has been hidden by domain privacy protection.

You may get in touch through the website contact form. If there isn’t a website up yet, you may try contacting using the privacy protection email provided, that ends with contactprivacy.com

Domain Owner privacy contact

How about for ccTLD Owner / Country Level Domain Name Owner?

For country-level domain, you may seek for MYNIC Whois database for further checking. For Malaysia, you may seek for MYNIC Whois Checker / .my Whois Service for domain owner details.

Good News For You! For country-level domain (ccTLD), there are no hidden domain owner details as Domain Privacy Protection.

The Infomation will be displayed as registration information. 

It will be displayed as the information below;

cctld domain owner

Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of how domain ownership works now. And how you can use the Whois lookup feature to find the domain owner/ website owner.

With hundreds of thousands of potential domain names still available, register your desired Domain Name Here or Malaysia Country Level Domain Here. There are more potential in country level domain compared to the top level domain.