Manage WordPress Smartly & SEO Enhancement



Manage WordPress Smartly & SEO Enhancement

Last Thursday, Exabytes (Setiawalk branch) was filled with more than 80 attendees for ‘ Manage WordPress Smartly & SEO Enhancement’ workshop. The turnout was a great success, and definitely better than we anticipated!

Our special speaker Vladimir Samukov is a Senior Engineer at Plesk Onyx. As an experienced engineer skilled in virtualization, web hosting, data center, and software as a service (SaaS), the audience was very keen to learn nothing but the best from Samukov.


The participants consist of beginners and experts from various backgrounds. WordPress developers, designers, publishers, or anyone who loves WordPress gathered to learn and share their experience with users from different areas.


In the session, Samukov shared on how to manage multiple WordPress sites effectively in just a few minutes. He also covered the subjects on how to monitor your website SEO performance, optimize it to achieve good organic search ranking, and make it 10X more secured.


In short, Samukov provided a fruitful session on WordPress easy installation,  theme and plugin management, SEO simplification and optimization. We hope the participants enjoyed and learned valuable knowledge from the expert and we will continue to organize more sessions on different subjects soon.

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