Exabytes Launches Latest Bundle Package (.Asia Domain + SiteLock + Instant Backup) At RM39.90


Super bundle value pack promo - Asia Domain, Instant Backup, SiteLock

*Exabytes no longer provide the SiteLock website scanner, which was last updated in December 2022. 

Great News to All Website Owners!

Exabytes today launches a special bundle package, which sees SiteLock, a website hacking prevention solution, Instant Backup, an automated online backup service and a .Asia domain being sold at ONLY RM39.90, a price relatively low compared to its actual value RM207 if customers were to purchase all the three products separately.

The special bundle package aims to raise the awareness of WEBSITE AND DATA SECURITY among website owners, as well as to emphasize the importance of .Asia domain to businesses which have plans to reach out and tap into the fast moving Asian markets, namely China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

So What Is Asia Domain Anyway, And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

.Asia Domain

.Asia is a domain extension sponsored by the DotAsia Organisation. It is a regional domain for companies, organizations, and individuals that have a target demographic market in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

.Asia domains improve businesses’ international recognition, regional competitiveness and online identity.

Benefits of having a .Asia domain:

  • Establish connections and build trust with Asian customers
  • A strong regional identity and increase conversion rate
  • Prevent company brand from being misused by third-party
  • Improve rankings in search engine results for searches related to Asia


SiteLock is a website security and anti-malware scanning services designed for websites of SMEs. It protects users’ websites against hacking, viruses, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and even email blacklisting.

SiteLock also alerts its users when their websites are blacklisted by Google to avoid costly business losses.

Benefits of SiteLock:

  • Establish trust with customers
  • Increase sales
  • Daily scanning
  • Business verification
  • Spam and malware monitoring
  • Instant alert in an event of attacks

Instant Backup

Instant Backup helps protect the data on multiple PCs and laptops by creating a backup, irrespective of their locations.

The backup process is done via the Internet to an external secured data center a.k.a. in the cloud, in a fully automated way without human intervention. To ensure maximum data security, customers’ backup data is encrypted and securely stored.

Why Have It?

Exabytes bundle package allows website owners to safeguard their data stored on their websites especially customers’ financial information by taking effective steps to prevent website hacking, viruses, SQL injection, etc, protect important business or personal data on PCs and laptops by backing up online as well as enhance their online identity and regional competitiveness in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

When Does This Fantastic Offer End?

Exabytes bundle package is available for sale from —- until October 31.

However, customers can also choose to purchase the products separately, which are priced at RM99 (.Asia domain), RM59 (Instant Backup Mini 10GB) and RM49 (SiteLock basic) respectively.

So don’t wait! GRAB this fantastic Bundle, the MOST VALUE ADDED package of the year!!

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