EXB Raya 2013

“”Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Kepada saudara serta saudari
Setahun hanya sekali
Merayakan hari yang mulia ini……”


Amid the festive joy in the delightful month of August, Exabytes wishes all Muslims in Malaysia and around the world a very meaningful and joyous Hari Raya! The most important festival for Muslims around the world, Hari Raya signifies a personal triumph, a victory of self-restraint and abstinence! While listening to the beautiful songs of Hari Raya, non-Muslims in Malaysia never forget to visit their Muslim friends / colleagues and to celebrate together.

In conjunction with this special occasion, our office will be closed from 8th August 2013 to 9th August 2013 and resume operation on 12th August 2013. However, in case you require any technical assistance, don’t fret as our professional technical team will still be working 24×7 to assist you day and night.

Last but not least, to everyone who is joining the Balik Kampung exodus, drive safely, fly safely and cycle safely (in case you’re cycling home) and have a pleasant and comfortable journey! 🙂


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