Top 12 Online Meeting Tools Make Virtual Meetings More Inclusive


Meetings have gone digital and the world of online meeting tools have become an integral part of the way businesses communicate with each other.

With online meeting tools you have access to a wide range of tools your business needs to succeed.

Online meeting tools for virtual meeting

Online meetings, video conferencing with internal teams and clients have become a new normal, and global businesses have acquainted with the video-conferencing ways of doing business meetings

Despite that video conferencing solutions were available for many years, the solution was vividly used post the pandemic. Earlier there were limited sets of video conferencing solutions for public usage like Skype and Google Hangout.

But in the recent past, there were dozens of new ranges of video conferencing solutions that penetrated the global markets. 

Some of the intrinsic benefits emerging out of the virtual meetings are reduced commuting time, flexibility to connect from remote locations, and relief from travel-related constraints. 

Right from freelance professionals to multi-national companies, both at global levels and specifically in Malaysia, people are preferring virtual meetings over conventional meeting practices.

It is more pragmatic for the companies to seek to communicate face-to-face online than that of incurring the cost of business travel.

With the unanimous acceptance of the flexibility and feasibility offered by the video conferencing apps like google meet, zoom meetings, Microsoft teams, and other virtual meeting apps, the question arises about choosing the best virtual meeting apps that can be resourceful for small businesses of Malaysia. 

Best Online Meeting Tools and Software for Virtual Meeting

  • Google Meet 
  • Zoom 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Slack 
  • Go To Meeting 
  • Cisco Webex 
  • Zoho Meeting

Let’s check out some of the preferred virtual meeting apps, and how such solutions can be resourceful for the small businesses of Malaysia. 

Google Meet 

Google Meet for virtual meeting

Among the popular virtual meeting apps, Google Meet is a simple and easier solution used by people for managing their online meeting requirements.

A simple user interface and scope for uninterrupted discussions over Google Meet relate it as one of the preferred video conferencing solutions. 


  • Free to Use Solution in personal emails
  • Integral offering in Google Workspace 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Ease of access across the devices 


  • Meetings do not have scope for recording 
  • Limitations in terms of video clarity in a limited internet connectivity environment

Google Meet is offered as a web-based or mobile app-based service for virtual meetings, and there is a reasonable scope of large group meetings taking place over Google Meet

The other key benefit of Google Meet is a dedicated dial-in number that can be used by the meeting participants for joining the meeting using the voice dial. 


Zoom is one of the other majorly used virtual meeting solutions available in the public domain. 

Improvised versions, better quality, and ease of scalability for meetings are some of the comprehensive features that are popularizing Zoom calls. Unlike Google Meet, in Zoom Calls, the free meeting times are limited for participants. 

Undoubtedly, the quality of meetings is good, and the scores of features offered for better management of the meeting requirements are value propositions.

However, in the case of longer duration meetings or group meetings, there is a need for purchasing Zoom plans. 

Additional features in the Zoom calls are the scope of recording the meetings, which will help the participants and the organizers in handling the coordination and replay of meeting proceedings as necessary. 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft teams

One of the major, transformational, and intuitive solutions available currently is Microsoft Teams. One application Microsoft Teams offers the users scope for scheduling video or audio meetings, with a single person or group of resources. 

Administrators have the scope for organizing the webinars or large group meetings for an extended period even up to thousands of participants. 

Users having Microsoft licensed enterprise versions or Microsoft 365 solutions can schedule the calls, and invite resources from meeting with internal or external members, using multiple channels. 

Microsoft Teams is available as web version for both android and IoS apps, and the desktop download version in Windows OS. 

Some of the contemporary features offered in Microsoft Teams are screen sharing, call recording, background blur technology, and functionalities for chatting with internal teams integral to the digital workspace integration. 

Small businesses in Malaysia must have options for a good video conferencing system for virtual meetings. 

If the small business of Malaysia can make use of the contemporary range of services offered in an integrated manner as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams can be a profound solution at a competitive pricing and value addition. 


Slack, which started as an internal communication network for organizations, has evolved into a good communication system of its video and audio calling capabilities. 

While messaging or calling in groups within the organizational channels is easier, the admin role controls of Slack are added advantage in the system. Also, the pricing of the model is competitive for online meetings and video conferencing

Go To Meeting 

gotomeeting - online meeting tools

One of the early entrants in the virtual meeting spectrum is Go To Meetings. The platform offers a rudimentary solution that is scalable as per the requirements of the users. 

Though earlier Go To Meetings were used for virtual meetings, the pricing elements and increasing competition from competitors have slowed the demand for Go To meetings.

However, the solution is in demand for conducting webinars among large groups and has value-added benefits for users

Cisco Webex 

Another popular platform for virtual meetings, Cisco Webex is more popular for its capability model to conduct large-scale events and webinars wherein thousands of participants can be part of the virtual meeting. 

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Mail

One of the revolutionary and relatively new entrants into the sphere of virtual meetings, Zoho is a comprehensive solution, user-friendly, and price competitive. But from the perspective of pricing points, the solution is competitive and reliable for short-term and long-duration meetings. 

Some of the other popular meeting tools available as next-level options for virtual meetings or video conferencing solutions are Remote PC meeting, Ring Central MVP, Click Meeting, and U Meeting. Among these, U meeting is a multimedia video conferencing solution. 

Video conferencing has enabled businesses to effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders. 

For choosing a sustainable video conferencing solution like Microsoft Teams from Microsoft, Exabytes Malaysia can assist small businesses in Malaysia to choose efficient solutions. 

At RM 12.99/month per user, Exabytes offers Microsoft 365 or Office 365 at a very affordable price with 24 x x7 365 technical support.

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