Jobbie Nut Butter: Peanuts can go eCommerce as well


Ever imagine the Peanuts Butter can go eCommerce as well? Yes, anything is possible with eCommerce! Let’s have a chat with Joseph, the CEO/Founder of Jobbie Nut Butter.

Jobbie Nut Butter EEC 2018 banner

#Q1 Describe what your eCommerce business is about, and why you chose this as your focus, and who benefits from the service that you provide.

We manufacture premium grade peanut butter and sell it online and ship it nationwide. Mostly people that are really busy with work and are looking something delicious and healthy to eat, would order from us as our product are 100% natural without any artificial additives and best of all it’ll automatically be delivered to your doorstep with a click of a bottle.

#Q2 What are the most important things you have done to grow your business? How do you see these elements evolving in the future?

Break out of our comfort zone and barrier to move to eCommerce!!! Traditionally manufacturers such as us has a common path, goal or strategy which is, increase volume, lower cost and distribute it like crazy. Every mall, chain store, retail must not be left untouched! I once felt very discourage when I started distributing to various retails, sales of some shops weren’t unstable, lack of mobility as stock and cash is in customers hand, wastage is high and the list goes on. With eCommerce I believe we could target not just Malaysia but the whole world without all the “traditional hassle”, though with new challenges and opportunity waiting for us.

Jobbie Nut Butter

#Q3 Tell us is your sales lead mostly from Facebook? And it’s so cute to see all the response from your customers on each of your posting. May I know what are the secrets to encourage your fans/followers/customer to communicate, instead of just sellers or buyers relationship?

Most of leads are from social media (mainly FB and IG). Our customers are all very cute indeed, sometimes we would receive their bakings via courier from using our product, it’s definitely very heart warming. Our secret is very simple, if you want cute response…be cute yourself first (very funny, but very true). It’s really that simple, we always treat everyone not just our customers the way we want to be treated back. That’s why we always treat anyone with kindness, empathy, respect and a touch of humor…and so in return we received all these back.

#Q4 Have you ever received complaints from your clients? If yes, what are the situations and how did you solve it?

We most definitely receive complaints, tons of it actually to be honest and it’s perfectly fine and great! Problems ranging from the quality of our product to our service. For example when we first started, customers would complain our peanut butter is not as nice or is not smooth enough, so we tweak, experiment and change.

Maybe change the timing of the roasting session, or grinder it longer by 20%-30% than we normally would. The way we see it, it’s a trust between we and our customers, if they care enough to tell us and hope we solve it and it’s only right if we reciprocate and work hard to improve from it. Though some problems may not be able to be solve immediately, but it’s definitely our responsible to really listen and put it into our heart and make sure we solve it in the future if it’s a “reasonable complain.

#Q5 Tell us – What do you anticipate most in the upcoming EEC??

Meeting new people, hearing tons of different views and opinion, providing as much values to everyone as much as possible!

Jobbie Nut Butter with ice cream

Don’t miss #EEC2018 and get a chance to connect with Joseph on his online business management! I believe he will share more tips when you talk to him personally!

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See you there.

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