Leverage Google SafeSearch & Google Trends to Improve Your PPC Performance


Leverage Google SafeSearch & Google Trends

Google SafeSearch is a valuable tool in Google search which aids in boosting pay per click (PPC) performance. As technology progresses, google trends gain traction, leading to the pursuit of distinct advantages.

With its effective filter ability for eliminating inappropriate content in Google searches, Google SafeSearch as feature offers great results every time.

Moreover, its integration with google trends adds further benefit to PPC performance and operation as a whole. Currently, January 2022 records show that there is a 91.9% market share held by Google.

There are separate features in Google’s SafeSearch that are provided to users for web and image searches.

This Google SafeSearch feature helps to lock on different levels of search in a safe and secure manner on the website.

A secure search can be obtained with Google Safesearch, one of the most secure ways to search. A Safesearch lock is included in Google Safesearch to ensure search security.

Exabytes offers google advertising services that help reach the right customers at the right time.

It becomes easier to create brand awareness for businesses through google advertising, google shopping, and so on. As per statistics, google processes approximately 63,000 searches every second.

Need for Google SafeSearch

In this digital era, the need to make web browsing safer is growing, and with it the need for Google SafeSearch is growing as well. This function not only focuses on security but also fixes issues concerning google search.

Google SafeSearch is an effective mechanism that protects kids online through filtration and blocking explicit content.

Google SafeSearch is also an integral aspect that is recommended in families for a safe and user-friendly browsing experience.

The features provided allow it to be set up in any browser, mobile, as well as a tablet. The need for web filtering for kids has been identified in various instances concerning online applications.

Online security can also be improved through the use of Safesearch options. In devices where Google Safesearch is turned on, it becomes difficult to obtain explicit content even if it is searched.

Google introduced Google SafeSearch as one of its preferred features, which users utilize at a greater rate even though it is not 100% accurate; the features of hiding explicit content like violence incline users to prefer the same.

How Google SafeSearch improves PPC performance?

When you need to filter google search results, Google SafeSearch helps to identify explicit content and filter out the same. The increase in the use of digital appliances demands additional security, as provided through google Safesearch.

Google SafeSearch is utilized to make web browsing safer, especially for those who are under 18 and has signed into google search. The methods adopted through Google Safesearch to improve PPC performance are the following:

1. Automate search and automation layering

One of the main aspects of SafeSearch is its ability to automate search using algorithms. This can further enhance the performance of PPC and improve its functioning.

While automated search is done in google Safesearch, it is possible to incorporate automation layering to enhance control and management. This process of automation layering will help in the advanced development of PPC performances.

2. Setting a SafeSearch threshold.

In instances of using explicit words in google search, it becomes important to set a particular threshold for SafeSearch. Google SafeSearch is developed in a way where automated actions are done based on certain factors and grounds.

The threshold is measured based on the content available on google and the nature of the same. The range of explicit content is analyzed to ensure setting a proper system for advanced searches.

Google Trends to Improve PPC Performance- How to Use It?

The use of Google Trends is an effective method for improving PPC performance. PPC performance can be optimized through different methods like forming a proper structure, use of PPC keywords, and so on.

Google Trends are utilized to improve PPC performance by incorporating the latest trends and features per business needs. The ways in which google trends can be used to improve PPC performance are the following:

1. Optimize SEO strategy

Google trends can be used to optimize and build SEO along with other marketing aspects. In such optimization, expanding and refining keywords and updating content becomes easier.

2. Acquire accurate data

The accuracy of data provided to people is also equally important to content on different websites. This enhanced accuracy will help maintain google trends and improve PPC performance as required.

3. Update content

Identifying currently trending topics will help produce content in accordance with it and other google trends. The contents of relevant aspects will help to improve customer traffic and PPC performance.

4. Identify seasonal trends

Seasonal trends appear regularly based on holidays, festivals, and so on. Identifying seasonal trends will help improve PPC performance by researching trending topics in google trends.

5. Finding local trends

One of the important aspects concerning google trends involves analyzing a specific area to identify local trends. Such aspects which become a part of google trends need to be considered for enhanced functioning.

6. Analyse actions of competitors

It is important to evaluate the actions of competitors to create unique and distinct outcomes and improve overall functions.

Google Trends can be developed through the incorporation of various aspects concerning marketing.


Google SafeSearch enables a filtered search where unwanted searches are removed from google search. Google trends are a free tool that shows popular search terms that can be further used in marketing.

The demand for google advertisements has also resulted in the increasing use of google ads in google searches.

The optimization of SEO is one of the google trends utilized by businesses to rank higher in google searches. Various businesses prefer google trends due to its increased capability to deliver high-quality outcomes using quality tools.

The services and solutions offered at Exabytes concerning online advertising and other approaches help to target the audience and improve growth.

The use of Google Safesearch is one of the beneficial mechanisms adopted to regulate the content on online aspects.

Get in touch with an Exabytes professional to know more about advertising services, its benefits and the various plans offered.


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