Malaysian Consumers’ Top 15 Selling Products on TikTok Shop


Malaysian Consumers' Top Selling Products on TikTok Shop

A growing Malaysian marketplace and the COVID-19, pandemic leading to a permanent shift in the trend of purchasing products online, is fueling the growth of marketplaces like TikTok shop and other platforms.

Are you looking to expand your online marketplace platform?

Your research on the best marketplaces online might have drawn your attention to TikTok shops where you can sell products by registering yourself as a TikTok shop seller.

What is a TikTok Shop?

TikTok shop is a promising and growing social media platform, with lots of interesting small business ideas available to promote your digital business and scale it to new highs by registering as a TikTok shop seller.

Many products are available at discounted or subsidized rates similar to leading eCommerce platforms, this is playing a crucial role in attracting large numbers of customers.

Since the TikTok shop offers products at lowered prices, the Average Order Value (AOV) is lower.

To make sure TikTok shop is the right online marketplace, it’s important to know what are the best-selling and trending products in Malaysia on the platform.

Let us collate a list of TikTok shop top trending products in Malaysia category-wise:

Skincare Products

Malaysians prefer to have clean and glowing skin, therefore it’s no surprise that the #skincare tag in Malaysia has average from 500K to 30 Million.

TikTok video on skincare

Below are the top skincare trending products in Malaysia:

  • SKINTIFIC Mugwort Anti Pores & Acne Clay Mask
  • Axis-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum
  • SKINTIFIC SYMWhite 377 Dark Spot Serum

Makeup Products

The second most trending product in Malaysia category wise has to be related to makeup right after skincare which is also evident by 200K to 4 Million views on the #makeupmalaysia hashtag.

#makeupmalaysia TikTok video

One can start selling makeup products to a larger audience by registering as a TikTok shop seller.

Take a look at some trending products in the makeup segment:

  • SKINTIFIC 5X Ceramide Set
  • SKINTIFIC 5X Ceramide Barrier Repair Moisture Gel
  • SKINTIFIC 2% Salicylic Acid Anti Acne Serum Spot Scars Treatment Brightening Face Serum


If you have got a gadget that would make Malaysian’s life easier?

One has the potential to do wonders in the Malaysian TikTok shop as the electronics category is one of the trending product in Malaysia.

A lot of users are looking for best-selling products such as smart watches, mobile phones, Bluetooth earphones, and speakers.

Below are the most trending products in the electronics category on TikTok shop.

  • T500 Smart Watch
  • vivo X70 5G Smartphone
  • Sony SRS-XB12 Wireless Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker EXTRA BASS with Microphone


Malaysians prefer the variety of the latest viral types of foods, either by ordering online from a TikTok shop or visiting the physical store in person.

Hashtag #foodmalaysia has 200K to 5 Million views which show the craze of Malaysians to try their hands on different food products.

Tiktok video #foodmalaysia

One can also send the product to influencers for them to review and create videos on TikTok shop to reach large audiences.

Kitchen and Household

Common products people would require for daily usage belong to the kitchen and household segment.

With over 25.8 million views #kitchenproducts is one of the trending product segments.

#kitchenproducts tikotk video

People notice the aesthetics and arrangements in the TikTok shop videos posted and they not only promote food recipes but also kitchen and household products.

People prefer to have multiple or sometimes different products for occasional and daily use, and therefore we see high sales in discounted or festival sales household and kitchen products are always part of.

The top products in this segment listed on TikTok shop are as below:

  • DESSINI 12pc Cookware Set
  • Tefal Light & Clean 26cm (B22405)/ 30cm (B22407) Non-stick Deep Frypan Cookware Periuk Pot Pan Wok Kuali – ODOSO
  • Rattan Storage Box (Available in 3 Size) Hand Woven Rattan Home Storage Basket / Decorative Box with Lid 3 Sizes


People all over the world like to appear nice and follow the latest trends, may it be in terms of technology or fashion.

Malaysians prefer looking good, and it is evident with 10.5 million views on the #clothingmalaysia hashtag.

Boutique owners can register themselves as TikTok shop seller and start selling their products online.

From various brands and fashion outfits to explore one can take the fashion quotient to the next level on the TikTok platform by showing off from a good fit to outfit of the day #OOTD.

Below are the trending products in Malaysia in apparels category:

  • ‘Ariana Grande’ Viral Shirt
  • Windbreaker Water Repellent Jacket


A home is a place where people spend most of their time with loved ones or simply relax.

Home living videos with 41.3 million views is evident that people are searching for products at home that could make their lives convenient.

If your product helps in simplifying daily household chores and is the right fit for helping people increase their productivity, get an influencer on TikTok shops and have them use your product in a video to showcase and attract the audience.

The top products on TikTok shop in this segment are listed below:

  • GTE Folding Square Fabric Storage Basket Home Storage Bag Laundry Storage Organizer with Handles
  • GTE 2pcs Adjustable Wall Hanging 6 Row Hook Creative Bathroom Nail-Free Seamless Hanger Hook

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