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91APP starts your retail transformation journey today

Exabytes, a 21 years old company being a South East Asia powerhouse in the digital transformation landscape was selected as the only exclusive partner of 91APP OMO Transformation Solution in Malaysia.

Such strategic partnership has seen exponential growth in the local OMO market since 2021, especially when the local retail businesses who have been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic reopened their retail stores to the consumers who have adopted online shopping as part of their daily life during the pandemic.

How does OMO Function?

1. Clarity in Data

Achieved by integrating both data of online and offline, such OMO datas were more complete and can generate meaningful insights for the businesses to understand how to serve their customers better.

2. Mitigate the Risk of Ineffective Digital Marketing Spend

Over the years many start to realize their ROI in digital marketing dropped tremendously.

Instead of just continuing to roll out ineffective online ads campaigns, retailers who have deployed OMO can start utilizing their offline stores traffic to achieve their objectives, at a much lower cost.

3. Personalized Shopping Experiences

With accurate data, businesses are able to offer much more personalized experiences to their customers across different touchpoints, which also means selling the right products to the right customers at the right time through a right channel.

4. Improved Customer Lifetime Value

We have conducted numerous studies on CLTV and realized your customers who have experienced both your online and offline channels (OMO) eventually contribute more to your business, compared to pure online and pure offline customers.

5. Customer Shopping Behavior

It’s the experiences of your customers that matters the most at the end of the day.

They are more demanding in terms of shopping experiences today, such as requesting to pick up from your store for their online purchase, or requesting to send their orders home after payment is done offline.

There should be only one customer profile and more customers are expecting their loyalty points and vouchers to be integrated and is redeemable both online and offline.

omo drives omni-channel growth

The Success Case Study: Purple Cane Malaysia


There are several challenges faced by Purple Cane which led them to deploy 91APP OMO transformation.

a. Lack of Connection Between Online & Offline

Purple Cane like any other traditional retail business who facing the challenges on driving exceptional tea experience to online members.

b. Incomplete data

Prior to deploying 91APP OMO, data of online webstore and offline retail POS were not integrated, causing the management team to not be able to see the real picture and analyze further for insights.

The ability of integrating Purple Cane’s Online and Offline data brings so much business clarity to the company now.

purple cane tea cuisine shoplot front view

c. Difficult to Serve Customers Right

Especially true when one VIP customer walked into their store but the promoter could not identify or remember the preferences of these VIP customers.

d. Low Digital Ads Return

Similar to many other retailers in Malaysia, Purple Cane has been facing this issue since last year and it is getting harder for the online team to justify the online ads spending.

How We Assist Purple Cane to Achieve OMO?

Build the Database

We as an OMO solution service agency, assist Purple Cane to integrate retail store POS members and online (official app/web) members into the ecosystem.

We develop the “Frontline” App also allow the offline promoters to collect the consumers information with immediate reward.

For consumers prospective, we also simplified the registration procedure with only 3 steps. Else, we increase the accuracy rate of customers information via SMS verification code or Facebook Login.

With such functions, Purple Cane can receive the consumers information with efficiency and reliable way.

The more complete and unbiased data generated from both online and offline opened up new dimensions of how Purple Cane can serve their customers better, what kind of products they should prepare more and what campaign works better.

As the result, Purple Cane has successfully transforms 4 times of active members into the database with hundred over staffs within 4 months (more than 60% of total from online ads or organic signup), lowering half of the time spend to collect the consumers information and increase the credibility of consumers information.

To apply OMO two-way transmission

We assist Purple Cane to apply “buy online and pickup in-store” function that could drive the online consumers traffic to offline retail. There have more than 6 outlets available to Pick Up in Klang Valley

All our customers need is just our mobile APP so that they can buy seamlessly in APP, earn points from their offline purchase, receive the exclusive promotion notification, learn more about tea knowledge content in APP, manage their orders, points, vouchers and delivery status.

Under the Purple Cane App, we add on the voucher code redemption function that allows Purple Cane’s consumer to redeem a series of promotion codes like certain discount vouchers, gift vouchers and reward points that can be redeemed online & offline.

The Purple Cane app is being designed and allow to send personalized app push notifications to the app user through “My message” function, that could increase the engagement of the members via different campaigns and drives the traffics among online and offline.

The push notification function has helped Purple Cane save the digital advertisement fees like CTA and CPL in other digital advertising platforms.

In the results, customers who appreciate Purple Cane’s brand value, contents and products quality always choose to buy directly through the mobile APP of the company, resulted in much lower cost-of-sale compared to email/ sms marketing last time.

explore 91app starts your retail transformation journey today

With a series of execution, buy online pickup in store consumers is the second largest consumers based, right after Selangor outlet consumers.

The initiative has helped to double the pick-up % in store. Also, the exchange rate of “RM10 welcome coupon” and “RM10 point redemption coupon” is more than 75% and 90%; the ROI is 19:1 and 16.9.

Increase customer’s engagement and remain customer life time value

CRM program is one of the important tools to help Purple Cane to increase the customer loyalty. There have 4 main categories of membership.

Star – Silver – Gold – Platinum

Each category can upgrade into another tier by accumulating the expenses and reward.

The Frontline App” allow the outlet promoter to have a better understanding of each walk-in member, through their online & offline purchase history, preferences, any add to cart/ Wishlist items, soon expire vouchers and etc.

There has a significant rise in the basket size and recurring frequency of loyal members can be seen within 6 months of OMO transformation, we foresee this trend to continue to grow and eventually makes Purple Cane the no.1 tea brand in Malaysia.

According to the table, we found that there have a high-level members’ stickiness and loyalty reflected from their purchase frequency and sales contributions where the Platinum member (loyal / existing users) has contributed 51% of sales.

Also, the Star member (new/ members) accounted for 27% of sales. This has proven OMO has led to new growth engine to Purple Cane.

average customer lifetime value chart

With a series of campaign, Purple Cane keeps a very healthy growth of average customer life time value by months.


91APP‘s complete OMO retail solution enables brands to fully tap into the power of eCommerce and accelerate brands’ omnichannel transformation.

It has been adopted by many well-known, leading brands. 91APP provides a complete system and connectivity, OMO coaching, thereby reducing the cost of entry.

Feel free to make an appointment with our helpful OMO consultants who will be more than happy to provide you with the most suitable solution.

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