Biggest SMS Marketing Mistakes That Might Hurt Your Brands


biggest SMS marketing mistakes

Smartphones’ emergence has reduced the gap and intensity of the digital divide, and today billions of users are part of the global mobile network.

Even before the smartphone revolution, businesses started exploring and leveraging SMS (Short messaging systems) marketing across industrial verticals.

There are many digital and telecom marketing companies offering text message marketing as an exclusive range of services to SMBs for text messaging and text marketing using SMS marketing platforms.

Irrespective of technological advancements, social media marketing, and Internet-driven content solutions, the effectiveness of SMS marketing in lead generation has not faded.

It is still considered one of the most effective marketing campaign mediums for businesses.

However, some of the key challenges significant with the system are how the text messages and SMS marketing must go right and avoiding some of the mistakes that could hamper brand marketing.

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SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of the common mistakes integral to the process of SMS marketing and why text marketing from brands will in instances.

1. Campaigns without Proper Consent from Customers

Do Not Disturb, and privacy of mobile numbers of users is an integral part of compliance practices defined for telecom marketing across the countries.

It is important to have consent from the customers, for sending the marketing communication using the text message or SMS marketing features.

More often when businesses rely on third-party service providers for SMS marketing, the compliance element gets ignored at times, and the brand text marketing is messaged to thousands of contact numbers.

In such a bulk messaging campaign, there could be thousands of users who have opted for do not disturb.

If there is persistent messaging to such numbers, it leads to a negative impression on the companies among the prospective customer base.

Though users might be willing and interested in brand products, more often spamming the customers with regular text messaging could affect the brand value.

Thus, the telemarketing teams need to ensure text marketing best practices are followed in SMS marketing.

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2. Ineffective URLs

It is a common phenomenon for the marketing teams to carry out SMS marketing campaigns for the actionable outcome.

For instance, many of the text marketing messages we receive carry a URL link.

Even if the users are interested in the content mentioned in the SMS marketing, they are not able to click thru the URL link and route to action.

This is generally attributed to poor responsive URL links. It is important for SMS marketing to have a properly updated landing page, it is responsive to any kind of interface, like mobile-friendly.

In the absence of text marketing having ineffective URL links, not only disrupts the campaign results but also impacts the brand identity.

3. Unprofessional SMS marketing channels

The success of text marketing is more about reaching out to the prospective customer database and having more accurate communication in the SMS.

The messaging campaigns must be dealt strategic and there should be customer profiling.

When unprofessional solutions have been used the chances of not adhering to customer profiling, campaigning beyond the target groups, or text message delivered to unintended segments are a possibility.

Such unwarranted attempts can always hamper the brand image and can deliver poor results for the SMS campaign solutions offered.

Though the campaign costs from these unprofessional service providers might be economic, it is not as effective for brands.

4. Personalization of the Offers 

The other major challenge impacting brand communication over text marketing is the non-personalization of the offers.

Systematic curation of the customer database is important for text marketing services to deliver better results.

There are two segments of text marketing, one the generic marketing campaign and the other an intended group or segment-oriented SMS marketing.

Imagine a salon having curated offers for female customers, dispersing the messages to the male customers too, and inviting them to book appointments for the salon services, it seriously impacts the brand image of the business.

Brands need to ensure SMS marketing messages always stay neutral or professionally customized to the demographics of the customers.

5. Proximity Marketing Issues 

Imagine you visit a store in another city during your vacation, and they keep sending you text marketing messages on your mobile every day.

Such kinds of issues lead to a negative impression among the customers, and it could affect brand sales.

To avoid such issues, using technology and professional text marketing solutions for proximity marketing is very important.

The return on investment in terms of lead generation and brand coverage is high in proximity marketing.

Businesses should be cautious in choosing the customer database having proximity to the business location.

If a bakery or a store or a gym that is far away from a user location starts delivering their offers on daily basis, will hardly be a value proposition to the brand or the customers.

6. Call-to-Action Service Issues 

[World Reaching Through Content Making]

Text marketing and text messages -based advertising campaigns are economic and increase the reach of the customer base.

Text marketing can be of two types push and pull campaigns. While the push campaign is only to communicate a specific message to customers, the pull campaigns are call-to-action oriented.

The teams need to ensure there is the right kind of set-up and systems in place for call-to-action.

Shortened URLs such as a customer inquiry form or registration page etc. help the marketing campaign achieve a more sustainable process outcome.

For successful campaigns, SMS marketing must be more strategic, wherein there should be a very definitive objective, target group selection, and ROI measure clear for the text marketing.

In the absence of such a strategic process and random ways of SMS campaigns, it is bound to impact the brand’s reputation adversely.

Reach out to our customer support team from Exabytes Malaysia to know more about online marketing using text marketing and bulk SMS marketing campaign services and have profitable campaign plans for your business in Malaysia.

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