7 Ways to Support Small Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic


7 Ways to Support Small Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The busiest shopping period is usually during promotional seasons, such as Black Friday, 11.11, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Since the pandemic outbreak in 2019, every month and day has been the busiest shopping season for online retailers. Their inboxes are flooded with enquiries and sales every day.

There is no sign that the pandemic-induced online shopping trend will end in 2021. Our shopping behaviour has changed forever. The most obvious trend is the increase in online shopping and the adoption of delivery and online payment methods.

In fact, the pandemic has resulted in increased awareness of our communities. We are all in this together, and our communities rely on home and small businesses.

Support Small Business and Home Based Business

Shopping at home based and small businesses is usually a point of discovery. Local, small-scale, and handmade brands are usually unable to meet the wholesale orders required by large chain stores, and their products can only be purchased directly from the company’s website, sales channels, and independent retailers.

Chain stores win in quantity, but home/ small businesses shine in diversity and uniqueness.

Here are seven ways to help your famourite home/ small business maintain a livelihood in this unprecedented period of uncertainty.

1. Buy Goods Online

Most restaurants and brick-and-mortar stores have an online presence with more than just reservation bookings and menu previews. See if you can chip in and buy some trendy products such as hats, T-shirts, tote bags, mugs and many more.

Support small Business

2. Share Your Favourite Store on Social Network

Have your favourite home businesses closed for in-person shopping? Help them sustain their livelihood by paying them goodwill. Tell your followers and friends on social media about their e-commerce site and products. Others in your circle may be looking for similar products, so share your unboxing experience or a short review of a product you bought from a home business.

3. Order Food for Delivery or Takeaway

Despite the temporary suspension of dine-in services, many home-based restaurants are still open for takeaway and delivery. Online food ordering platforms such as Grab and Foodpanda allow consumers to conveniently order from the local area while enabling home businesses to maintain operations.

4. Buy Holiday or Birthday Gifts from a Small Business

Large retailers use incentives such as free next-day delivery to make shopping easier. However, if you can wait a little longer, you can find unique, handmade, or sustainable alternatives from home businesses. Your business means a lot to local, independent brands, especially now.

Support Small Business- New Brands

5. Discover New Brands in the Neighbourhood

Look around when you go for a walk or browse social media. Haven’t you noticed homemade snacks before? Haven’t you ordered a birthday cake from someone near your house? Check with your neighbours and social media to discover home businesses that could become your new favourites.

6. Consider Homemade Stores for Daily Consumption

Stock up on toiletries from a family pharmacy, buy necessities at the grocery store around the corner, and so on. We know they may be more expensive, but why not buy something homemade? Consider some homemade daily consumables, such as maple syrup, vinegar, jam, and chilli paste.

Support Small Business - Local maintenance store

7. Support Local Maintenance Businesses

Don’t you just hate when your appliance starts to break down, especially during this COVID-19 period? We are all forced to stay at home!

From broken pipes to messy electrical appliances, the last thing you want to endure is a broken air conditioner! Instead of taking a do-it-yourself approach without any knowledge about fixing this electronic stuff (you may put your life in danger!), why not support home-based housing repair businesses and leave it to professionals?

Final Thoughts

The benefit of buying homemade products is more than convenience. When you support small business owners, you get a better level of service and can help make your community a better place to live. Not only it gives you higher satisfaction, but it also gives you access to unique products that you won’t find in chain stores.

Are you having trouble finding your favourite home/ small business online? Do your parents own a home business and are still running it traditionally?


Share the #MamaPapaGoesOnline campaign with them to encourage them to grow their home businesses online, create more business opportunities, and stay competitive, especially during the pandemic.

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