Your Unique Website Can Gain Recognition with MWA 2015!


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Ever thought of getting recognition for your specially designed website after all the hard work? Join Malaysia Website Awards (MWA), an award program that lets you showcase your talent, gain recognition and be rewarded!


Malaysia Website Awards 2015 (MWA 2015) is the first in the series of the Malaysia Website Awards Program organized by Exabytes Group of Companies, a leading web hosting provider in Southeast Asia.


Step 1: Check

  • Check & determine your category. There are only two categories for you to choose from – Individual or Corporate.

Step 2: Submit

Step 3: Verify

  • It takes 7 – 14 days for MWA independent judges to verify your submission. A notification email will be sent to you to inform you of the outcome.

Step 4: Share

  • Now you just need to Share your website to your Friends and Family, and get as many “Votes” as possible. Leave the rest to the Judges to evaluate your website.

Judging Criteria

Your website will be judged by 4 criteria as follows:

  • Creativity and Design
  • Originality
  • Content
  • Usability

Awards To Be Won

(i) Site of the Month Award

The nominee with the best website among others in a particular month (Jan – Oct 2015) will win this award, where it will be judged by our internal judges based on the judging criteria.

(ii) Site of the Year Award

The ten winners of Site of the Month Award (Jan – Oct 2015) will compete to win Site of the Year Award at year end. There will be six winners for this award – three winners from Individual Category + three winners from Corporate Category.

Please take a look at the internal judges for this award.

MWA 2015 Expert judges

(iii) The Public’s Favourite Website

Winner of this award will be chosen based on the number of votes from the public only. In other words, there are no judges for this award.

MWA individual category submission

 If you don’t have a website or don’t know how to start, but are interested in joining MWA 2015, go for our WordPress Hosting plan to kick start with. WordPress being the most popular CMS can ensure you the best content management experience.

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