Take Advantage of Holidays to Boost Sales: Web Hosting + Marketing


how web hosting and marketing services take advantage of holiday sales

Online Marketing and web hosting services reaching out to customers of online stores during the peak seasons or during the holiday sales times can improve the sales volumes for the business.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve around, and people will be considering good shopping for their friends, family, and themselves, from online stores.

Businesses having good online stores can find this as a potential opportunity to reach out to the target markets.

In the case of businesses aspiring to make use of the current opportunity, hurry up to establish a good digital presence for your online store, and be quick to develop a good website using WordPress hosting solutions.

Choose a reputed web hosting service to launch the business website in a quick turnaround time for an online ecommerce store.

So, what can a business do to make sure the customers remember your brand, and its product ranges, and explore the discount offers from your online store when they decide what to buy between Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales and the end of the year?

Following are some possible dynamics resourceful for businesses to build holiday marketing campaigns

1. Extend Discounts to Loyal Customers

customer retention strategies

The holiday seasons are the right time to reach out to your loyal customer base, and one significant way to engage with loyal customers of the online stores is to offer loyal customers special deals on the things they buy the most from your ecommerce store.

Getting in touch with loyal customers with good deals on the things they buy the most from your online store is a great way to wish them the festive eve and holiday season.

Considering the comparative costs of new customer acquisition, retaining the current customer base with recurring sales to your online stores and choosing good discount deals for them is a potential option.

One way to boost holiday sales could be to give these loyal customers a bigger discount when they tell family or friends with referral discounts in addition to the loyal customer discounts over the online stores.

Does your business still miss this opportunity to reach out to your customer base for not having an website, grab on the deals to host your online store using WordPress hosting, and choose good web hosting services?

2. Email Marketing 

email marketing frequency

Irrespective of the business nature, email marketing plans dealt strategically for online stores with rewards with good lead conversions and increased sales prospects.

For your existing customer base and to reach out to the new customer base, focus on a well-structured email campaign.

Be it for your online stores or your offline business, email marketing solutions have a success rate.

It’s great to be able to personalize emails by adding the customer’s name and a relevant fact.

This can work for businesses managing some basic customer profiles like the name and email addresses etc. for online stores, and offline businesses too.

However, the success of email marketing can be high, when there is some actionable scope like the “call-for-action” page or discount deals page, etc.

So, businesses should have some actionable link in the email to a proper online store product page or have some option managed over the WordPress hosting as a call-for-action.

If the business can focus on exclusive pages created for special offers and promote such online store page links over good web hosting services, it can help in improving the sales prospects.

Using some advanced analytics solutions like picking the products from the customer’s wish cart and curating some exclusive deals on such product range to the customers by email can potentially increase the traffic to the online stores, and it can help in boosting the sales.

The other effective option is to divide customers’ segments into groups based on their past purchases or personal information like their birthdays, etc.

Such a custom touch kind of customer engagement practice can lead to a loyal customer base.

It’s a great way to market during the holidays, but it’s also a great way to market at any time.

3. Cross-Sales

During the holiday seasons, online stores can focus on cross-selling to suggest items that go with the products or services your customers are already buying.

More often, when the customers can find value propositions in the online store deals offered over cross-sales, the sales can be increased.

For instance, an online store selling accessories products can also offer some AMC deals as holiday offers. Similarly, a travel website can consider offering good luggage products referral as cross-sales with good deals.

This could encourage the customers to identify more deals from your online stores. Cross-selling is a great way to give the customer more value and increase sales volumes during the holiday season.

4. Offer Assured Gifts on Purchases 

Offering assured gifts to customers making purchases from your online stores during the festive season is another strategic way to increase sales.

This has been a common practice all over and is one of the successful options for dealing with holiday season sales.

For instance, an assured discount coupon or gift hampers or holiday vouchers on a lucky draw, etc.  over online shopping can be an effective plan to reach out to customers.

However, while devising such curated gifts, one must consider the customer profile, what best can be gifts, and a value proposition to your customer segments.

To ensure such strategic sales, having an online presence is impeccable.

If your business is yet to build a sound online presence, it’s time to work on good WordPress hosting for your website.

Also, ensure to launch your online ecommerce store over good web hosting services to avoid interruptions to your website traffic.

5. Free Shipping Services 

shipping services

More often, the delivery charges are significant cost additions to a product purchase from the customers.

During the holiday seasons, as the customers might prefer more shopping, offer free shipping services as a good deal for a certain minimum billing value.

Such strategic measures to reach out to the customer base can help businesses in gaining sales over online stores during the holiday seasons.

If would you like to reap the benefits of your online store marketing or prefer to have a quality ecommerce website developed over WordPress hosting, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia team for more assistance.

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