How to Setup Email Forwarding


What are Email Forwarders?

Email forwarding is an automated tool help to redirect incoming messages from one email address to a different email address.

how to setup email forwarding

Let’s say you have multiple support email addresses for your business;

eg. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]. These email addresses are handled by different teams for different purposes.

You do not want your customers to be confused, with which email to send to, and hence you can make [email protected] as the primary to receive the email.

2 Types Of Email Forwarding

Setting up email forwarders can help you to forward the right content to the right email address. Our Linux Small Business Hosting(cPanel), allows you to create two types of email forwarders. They are known as Email Account Forwarders and Domain Forwarders.

1 “email forwarder” work as a robot worker with 1 rules. So, you can create as many forwarders as long as it does not confuse and conflict, it’ll work perfectly for you. Email Forwarders have to be created one at a time.

Domain Forwarder sends all email to the domain that you specify. For example, if you create a domain forwarder for to forward to, any email for will automatically go to Email accounts must exist in your hosting account in order for email to be delivered.

There are a Few Ways to Create Email Forwarding

Create an Email Forwarder in cPanel

*This method does not apply for shared hosting to free email services. 

1. Login to “cPanel” with URL:

2. Click on ‘Forwarders‘ under Mail.

cpanel email forward

3. Click on “Add Forwarder

4. Fill in the information needed for the forwarding rule

New email farward rules

Done! You may check the email forwarding by sending in a new email. 🙂


Create an Email Forwarder in Webmail

1. Login to your webmail using URL:

2. Click on “Forwarders” under email account dropdown

Webmail email farward

3. Click “Add Forwarder

Add farward

4. Fill in the information needed and click “add forwarder

email farward domain

Done! You may check for the email forward at the previous page, under “forwarding options


Create an Email Forwarding in Smartermail

If you are using Windows hosting, here is the step on your Smartermail.

1. Log in as a user with your full username and password into your Smartermail using

2. Click on the “Option“(no. 1) icon at the top action panel to expand the drop-down and select “Settings“(no. 2).

smartermail email forward

3. You will find the “Forwarding” option and fill in the “Forwarding Address” to complete the process.

smartermail forward method

*Make sure your forwarding email address is not the email account from free email services.

These are such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and etc. Kindly refer Email Forwarding Policy for our policy on forwarding.


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