10 Steps to Create A Successful Website in 2020


Step-by-Step Guide-How-to-Create-A-Successful-Website-in-2020

Creating a website may sound like a very difficult task if you are not familiar with web design or programming, right? However, with the right steps and tools, creating a successful website on your own can be very easy!

I believe that you have your own business goals, and you should be looking at this blog post because building an online website can bring your business to a whole new level.

It takes time. Today we will guide you on how to create a good business website that will help you generate profitable income by driving more visitors to your business!

Step 1: Picking Your Domain Name

You need to determine your website name and purchase your domain. Choosing a suitable domain name can be difficult because you need a name that is related to your websites. It should be easy for your visitors to remember but still available in the domain name system.

With millions of existing websites online, your desired options may have already been taken especially if you looking for a .com domain extension (which is the most popular and easiest to remember).

You have to brainstorm different keywords to come out with a domain that is relevant to your business online. Check it out here to learn how to get a brandable domain. Search your domain to check the availability with Exabytes.

Most hosting packages include a domain name in expenses of hosting; you can register it free through your respective hosting provider.

Step 2: Picking Your Web Hosting Plan

To do it right, you need to consider several factors so that you can put all your files on the server and be visited by large number of people without any troubles. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Can the provider provide a reliable server?
    You need to research on factors such as server’s uptime, site speed, or control panel to make sure the hosting providers guarantee that your site is consistently active and running on high speed.
  • Can your hosting plan handle your traffic?
    If your website is newly launched, it probably may not be getting high amount of traffic because of less number of visitors. However, you need to make sure your hosting plan provides sufficient storage that can handle your expecting traffic amount.
    Tips: Make sure the web hosting plan you select comes with a large disk space to avoid this worry.
  • Can your hosting provider give you great support?
    A good hosting provider usually will offer customer support that helps you go through initial step for setting up your website. You should not be worried if these issues should come to your website because they will be solved by your provider.
    Tips: 24/7 Support, experience and how long to solve.

Step 3: Customize Your Website

Besides amazing content that attracts traffic, a successful website greatly relies on great-looking web design with good color and fonts. Nowadays, you are not necessary to master coding or programming to build a successful website. I would recommend all new websites use WordPress to run their websites.

Most hosting packages come with WordPress installation. With WordPress, you are able to use the design themes which are already created for free, and some are much better at a small cost. You can customize your website by changing the color, adding images and other page elements to where you wanted to put.

For more complicated websites, in-sites tools may not be able to perform the design you expected. You are recommended to consider hiring a professional web designer to design for you.

Step 4: Creating Content

When you are selling content such as ebooks or educational courses, you should decide whether to offer paid content, free content, or a mix of them. Some visitors may be scared away from your site if they have to pay for your content.

A mix type, also known as freemium content, works well by offering free content as a teaser. This can convert those visitors reading for free into paid users who want to read all of your content. These free content should cost less and not provide as much information as your full-priced content. You should decide on how to use these options carefully to keep your readers.

Step 5: Generate Traffic

Now you have a well-designed website with great content, but it will not generate any income if no visitor is clicking through your websites. Most of the traffic to a site is driven by adding targeted keywords into your sites. To make sure your content drives visitors to your sites, you have to do keyword research.

You are recommended to do research on Google Trends to know what keywords are trending. If no one is searching for the keywords you choose, you should not expect people to search for your content. Keywords help visitors find your sites easily by search engine, and it maintains a flow of traffic to your sites daily.

Step 6: Optimize for SEO

If you hope your websites can be found by people easily, then you probably need to learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) and optimize every web page on your sites to design your sites for search engines.

The basics of SEO includes performing keyword research to understand the keywords your visitor is using currently, adding relevant keywords in your URL structure, headings, tags, including meta descriptions on every page, and adding internal links by relevant keywords.

Most of the traffic comes from Google. To rank high on it, you have to put more effort into your website search engine optimization

Step 7: Keep Your Visitors Clicking

A successful website owner not only focuses on boosting the number of their traffic but keeping them clicking once they land a site. The content created should be able to motivate the visitors to click deeper into the site.

To keep those visitors sticking around by using more appealing photographs, polls, or questionnaires which enhances customer engagement, insert internal links that have relevance subjects like this, which lead visitors to other contents in your sites. This helps you maximize clicks and drive more visit rates to all of your contents other than the initial interest of visitors.

Tip: Install Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic

Step 8: Avoid Scaring Off Your Visitors

It is very common that many website owners rely on banner ads features to drive more potential sales when they first started operating on the Internet. Most websites are overloaded by various ads such as pop-ups, pop-unders, and flashing banner which are really disturbing. Using ads considerately will help you generate potential income but overusing banner ads will eventually scare off your visitors.

Step 9: Develops Marketing Plan

It’s time to plan on taking steps to promote your websites. Although SEO is one important aspect of online marketing, you also need to consider more strategies such as social media marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising to drive more traffic to your site through third parties.

Social Media can be the most effective way to drive traffic to your websites. You are encouraged to use social networking to promote or encourage visitors to revisit your sites for the latest information. Build your sites’ awareness through social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to attract large amount of readers and bring your visitors back multiple times a day. If you want more, you may invest in paid advertising to help your website reach potential visitors with similar interests.

Step 10: Measure Your Traffic

You can track your site visitors’ habits or interests when they go through your content by web analytics tools. Tracking these habits allows you to have a deeper understanding of what’s working on your websites and what’s causing the lack of attraction.

If you notice certain topics have a lot of click results, then you can increase your visit rate by creating more content on those topics your visitors want. In other words, you can decide to stop or alter out the particular fields of topics if they are being ignored or are less viewed.

Are you ready to start your website today? Just tell us more about your requirements, and we provide you a free consultation based on your requirements.

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