Unlock Business Growth: 6 Shocking Dedicated Server Benefits


Benefits of dedicated server for business

In an internet driven economy, a business has to establish a solid online presence.

Choosing a web hosting solution which benefits the business is of utmost importance, especially for e commerce businesses, product website, online stores and any other website.

A website which is coded well, has been designed aesthetically and is hosted using a reliable hosting solution; will always work well and also attract audiences from all over the globe. It instantly makes a local business go global.

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Why Should I Go for a Dedicated Server?

virtual private server

Like the name suggests, when a business opts for dedicated server hosting, it gets 100% ownership of all the resources on the server.

All the disk space, memory and processing power on a server based on the dedicated server specs bought is at the disposal of the business.

Be it a Linux dedicated server, a windows dedicated server, an instant dedicated server, a cheap dedicated server, an affordable server hosting plan – a dedicated server resources are never shared between multiple customers.

While it might be more expensive compared to a virtual server or a private server, in the long run, given the growth a business would achieve, it would actually be worth an investment as a server hosting plan.


What Are the Major Benefits of a Dedicated Server?

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1. Improved Operational Performance

A website is the lifeline of any ecommerce business, an online store, a product website, a highly valued brand, a popular blogger, or any other entity who actually host a website.

A highly powered dedicated server with dedicated server specs including high memory, disk space and bandwidth is one of the better server hosting solution with a growing consumer need for quick video clips and audio files on a website as information bytes.

 A dedicated server ensures a customer facing website gets all the resources on the servers just for that website.

It instantly starts performing better, provides a better user experience for visitors and customers.

Downloading fact sheets and brochures or any such information is instantaneous with a dedicated server solution.

2. Static IP Address on each server

A dedicated server specs includes at least one static or dedicated IP with each server hosting plan.

Without a dedicated IP, installing and configuring SSL certificates for safety and security, setting up payment gateways securely etc. is a big challenge.

Irrespective of the type of dedicated server and server hosting, static IP also allows a website hosted on it to be accessed just by the IP address, a life saver at times when the server DNS records have a trouble.

Configuring other services like a dedicated FTP account, email service for business email and configuring other security features also becomes very easy with a dedicated IP.

Even affordable servers at mid-range, cheap dedicated server plans and instant dedicated server setups offer a minimum of 1 dedicated IP per server.

3. Enhanced security

Talking of security – be it server Malaysia or any server hosting, a dedicated server enables webmasters and server administrators to configure and setup some of the most stringent, strict and complex security parameters to protect their business websites.

A fully managed dedicated server comes with a host of security features including OS hardening, anti threat software firewall, DDoS Protection, proactive server monitoring, remote backup and restore along with several other support functions.

Each of these help secure the dedicated server and ensure a business website remains protected and secure at all times.

4. Added Privacy

As mentioned above, a dedicated server allows a business website to be fully secured and safe. Along with it, comes unmatched privacy too!

With a dedicated server, there is no risk of any other organization’s website (s) being hosted on your server.

There is no danger of any data sharing nor is there a chance of someone else’s website spiking up and impacting the performance of your website.

A dedicated server hosting plan gives root or administrative access to webmasters.

A dedicated server specs gives freedom to configure many features to uphold data privacy and configure other features to adhere to requirements of regulators and government compliances as required.

5. Unlimited server hosting customization

Be it server Malaysia or cheap dedicated server Singapore, be it an affordable server plan or a cheap dedicated server – every server hosting plan allows for unlimited customization.

From being able to choose how many disks should a server have, to the amount of memory, the actual CPU, choice of multiple OS, control panel – everything is customizable to meet business requirements as necessary.

A dedicated server can be tweaked to host a single website or multiple websites.

Unlike shared hosting, a server hosting with dedicated resources allows administrators to allot different levels of memory, space and processing depending on the criticality of the websites and their importance to operations.

6. Reserve capacity

A dedicated server may not always be used at 100% resource utilization.

Experienced server administrators always leave unused memory, space and processing to accommodate sudden spikes.

A business which has a dedicated server all for itself may rest assured that with proper resource utilization, their server would be able to digest and support unforeseen requirements for additional capacity.

Why Is a Fully Managed Dedicated Server Better for Business?

A server hosting solution bought with a server management plan comes with a long list of advantages. 

Irrespective of how skilled an entrepreneur be, or the team is – the core function of a business is to grow and make more money.

Time spent in resolving technical issues or routine maintenance work is unproductive for the business.

A dedicated server with a fully managed server plan unlocks time and energy for a business to focus on their expansion and sales job.

The list of works undertaken by a server hosting provider under a fully managed server includes server hardening, security configurations, server monitoring, patch upgrades, routine maintenance and other such activities.

Exabytes offers Linux dedicated server plans and Windows dedicated hosting options, each with multiple add-on choices. Tailored to meet your business needs, we ensure your website and applications run smoothly, even during traffic spikes. Enjoy top-tier security, customizable configurations, and 24/7 expert support.

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