25 Top Cloud Services (Cloud-Based Systems) Your Business Can Invest In


Cloud-based services your business can invest in

The cloud computing revolution has changed the dynamics of how businesses depend on information systems, and the IT infrastructure set-up for the businesses, supporting sustainable development.

Despite that, there is a certain set of challenges integral to the cloud based systems, the revolution of cloud services is here to stay, and organizations can certainly make use of revolutionary cloud-based management software.

Cloud services are wider term, and in nutshell, cloud based systems are the information and communication technology resources offered over the internet medium.

While the type of cloud services (public or private or hybrid) is for businesses to decide upon, the services are reliable and are in line with the service level agreements contracted for the service.

Any functional aspect of the business operations, today there is a seamless set of cloud based services and solutions available for businesses to rely upon, and the following are the top 25 cloud based systems available for businesses.

Cloud Services for Business Productivity

1) Google Workspace

Google Workspace Interface

Among the top runner cloud based systems, Google Workspace is one of the top-run services and is used by thousands of businesses.

In Google Workspace, the cloud services are about email hosting, video conferencing, document sharing, storage services, and a series of other features like calendar sharing, scheduling appointments, etc. which are subscribed as cloud services.

2) Office 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the other major cloud based system available for businesses on a subscription basis.

As a replacement to the conventional Office package from Microsoft, these cloud based systems from Microsoft are phenomenal for business.

All your word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are stored online and synced to the devices with the respective accounts.

Also, there are scores of other features from Office 365, which can be highly resourceful for day-to-day business operations.

Cloud-Based Services for Information Management & Cloud Storage 

Data recovery and disaster management systems planning is vital, and businesses need to focus on planning the proper data backup from their information systems, at the server levels and in the case of each employee level. 

In addition to Google Workspace, and Office 365, there is a much exclusive range of cloud services available for businesses exclusively to manage the data backup.

Some of the systems are:

3) Dropbox

Dropbox Business, a comprehensive service solution wherein the cloud services are available for free (up to limited storage capacity) and on a paid subscription basis for real-time data storage. 

4) BOX

A similar cloud service to Dropbox, even in the Box, the cloud systems support an exclusive range of data storage, and collaboration with other users to share the data between the users. 

5) iCloud Drive 

iCloud Drive

For the mac and iPhone users, the iCloud drive is a potential cloud service for storage. The flexible options for managing the data over the cloud-based management software are resourceful for storing all kinds of data. 

Cloud Solutions for Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing 

Conventional CRM systems demand is replaced by cloud services in CRM systems offered by many global players.

The cloud-based management software for CRM helps businesses access the CRM data across the cloud based systems connect, and teams can have real-time updates on the CRM data.

Also, unlike the conventional CRM systems with higher costs, in cloud based systems, the services are subscription-based and are scalable as and how required.

Some of the reputed and bankable CRM solutions available as cloud based systems are

6) Salesforce 

Salesforce CRM

In Salesforce, the teams can use the cloud based systems to develop and customize the CRM system for their business process flow requirement.

Have the availability of resources and templates for effective CRM systems completely as cloud services.

7) Zoho CRM 

Zoho Mail

The Zoho CRM is a complete cloud service, wherein the clients must subscribe to the packages for CRM systems as cloud-based management software.

With scores of features for process flow, lead management, email campaigns, etc, the cloud services of Zoho CRM are phenomenal.

Other popular CRM solutions available as cloud services, and under subscribed cloud based management software are

8) Freshworks 

Freshworks interface

9) HubSpot

10) Sugar CRM

11) SharpSpring 

Cloud-Based Services for Finance, Accounts, & Bookkeeping 

The other critical area of business operations is the finance department, and there is a versatile range of cloud services available for managing the cloud based systems for finance management.

Some of the popular cloud services-based accounting solutions for businesses are:

12) Freshbooks


13) Zoho Books

Zoho Books Interface

14) Quick books

15) Tally 

16) Wave Accounting 

17) OneUp 

18) Quicken 

Some of the critical benefits of the above-mentioned cloud based systems as common features among them are

  • Creation and sharing of invoices from online systems
  • Keeping track of cashflows, income, and expenditure
  • Plan, and track the budget allocations for business departments, campaigns, etc.
  • Processing payrolls using the cloud services
  • Cost-benefit management for the projects

Cloud Services for Project Management 

Among the other critical functions of a business, the role of project management across industrial sectors is significant.

Following are some of the effective cloud based systems highly resourceful as cloud-based management software for project management

19) Microsoft Project Management 

Microsoft Project Management

20) SmartSheet

21) SuiteDash 

22) Asana

23) Trello 

24) Basecamp

This cloud based management software for project handling is subscription-based and can help businesses in managing project tracking, task scheduling, resource planning, and computing project timelines and reports.

Also, sharing this data among the user groups using cloud-based services is a reality.

Cloud Based Systems for Data Analytics and Intelligence 

25) Microsoft Power BI 

microsoft power bi
Example of Power BI Dashboard

In addition, there are scores of solutions like available Tableau, Talend, and many other online data management services.

Not limited to the above-mentioned functions, even for human resource management and development, market research, and collaboration, there are scores of cloud services available for businesses on a subscription basis.

Investing in some of these systems as necessary can help in improving operational efficiency, reducing the cost of IT infrastructure, and supporting overall process management efficiency.

Engage with Exabytes Malaysia team for assistance in choosing the cloud services for your business, and to have great discount offers on a vivid range of cloud based systems.

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