How Much Does Email Marketing Cost in 2022 and Beyond?


How Much Does Email Marketing Cost

Email marketing is one of the critical success factors for digital presence and digital impact for businesses.

The email marketing costs widely depend on various platforms used for email marketing, the business email campaign used, and the campaigns used for the process of email marketing.

Irrespective of whether the email marketing is handled by the agency as an in-house option or choosing the agency to execute the email marketing, there should be a strategic approach to get maximum benefits from the email marketing costs spent over the email marketing campaign.

Following simple steps of email marketing, with a very basic campaign, businesses can depend on their business email to handle the email marketing sending email newsletters for free.

However, in the case of using email marketing platforms usage, inherent factors are about subscriber list email information and the platform chosen for the bulk email marketing.

Choosing to deploy email marketing solutions for email marketing can cost around $300-$1000 per month for a mid-level email marketing cost campaign.

A well-designed and effectively strategized email marketing message can be resourceful in targeting the prospective customer base and reaching out to the existing client base with an effective communication campaign using the business email.

For an email marketing campaign to be successful, the scope of customer retention and relationship building is very important.

To ensure that the customers are reached out with proper communication, there should be a definitive goal and objective for the respective email campaigns.

When there is a good and strategic goal for email marketing, it helps them in choosing the right kind of customer base, and work on defined filter options wherein the email marketing costs can be reduced.

The email marketing costs are highly variable and are on basis of some elements like the frequency of bulk email marketing, the features used for the email marketing like the filtering of the email lists, the number of repetitions used in the email marketing to ensure there is a proper range of customer engagement happening in the email marketing campaign, etc.

According to some study results on digital and email marketing campaigns, it is estimated that around 82% of the companies have their budgets spent up to 20% of their marketing budgets on email marketing costs.

Some of the critical aspects that influence the budgets for email marketing using business email communication are annual revenues, lead conversion probabilities, history of how much the earlier email marketing campaigns have generated, and the accuracy of the email lists used for managing the email marketing campaign.

In a simple illustrative scenario, when the email lists are not accurate, and the right kind of techniques are not used to ensure that the business email newsletters or communication do not reach the inbox of customers, such spam email efforts could be futile investments to reap the benefits of email marketing.

In a few of the market studies on email marketing solutions, the studies indicate that from a simple lead list to transform into a potential conversion list of customers, the email marketing campaign should target at-least seven instances of email correspondence.

While such repeated attempts seem a costlier approach to the process, the integral advantage of using email marketing options is its cost-effective strategy.

The global business estimate studies refer to email marketing generating around $36 in sales conversion for each $1 being spent as an email marketing cost.

While the above metrics might or might not apply to all the sectors, products, and services, one undeniable factor is the impression that proper email marketing can create over the customers is phenomenal.

And business email-based email marketing costs are highly cost-effective if the execution team can be strategic and planned in the implementation of email marketing.

Email Marketing: Fixed and Variable Costs for Your Business

Some of the key factors that influence the fixed and variable costs of email marketing options are:

1. Email list quality 

Email lists play a vital role in the implementation of an email marketing campaign. In the case of the email list having inactive subscribers, it is necessary to curate the email lists to attain the best outcome from the email campaigns.

Also, proper business email communication to the email lists is important to improve the trust of the customers reading the email marketing-based communication.

The sources to achieve the email lists are widespread options like purchasing the data from the affiliate platforms, curating the email list from the internal database like CRM systems, etc., choosing the email database list available with the email marketing campaign service providers, etc.

Some of the comprehensive email marketing platforms can help the businesses in identification and removal of fake email lists, or inactive subscribers from the list, which could certainly save costs for email marketing.

2. Email Design Complexity 

The other critical aspect influencing email marketing costs are email design complexity. While simple email marketing designs could be costing competitive pricing, any complex solutions offered as customized options from the email marketing service providers can lead to a higher range of email marketing costs.

In the case of the digital agencies supporting or the freelance support to work on email marketing campaigns, the design and templates are custom made basis the hourly rates charged for designing the template for email marketing.

Email marketing design templates for email lists customized for business email communication can be approximately around $100 to $800 per design.

3. Frequency of the Campaigns

While some businesses prefer to launch email marketing wherein new letters or transactional email campaigns are managed as a monthly program, some campaigns can be weekly or daily, etc.

Thus, depending on the business nature, campaign set-up, and frequency the email marketing costs can vary.

Email advertising offers a 122% ROI. Compared to other channels, that is a lot more. This marketing strategy is an investment rather than just a one-time expense if you plan to stick with it.

However, when long-term bulk email marketing campaigns are signed with reputed service providers, businesses can expect some good deals in the email marketing costs.

Considering the distribution cost as $0.03 for each email, email marketing costs for 100 thousand subscribers can result in a $3000 cost for each email marketing campaign.

Choosing competitive and quality service providers for email marketing can help in better cost management and increased sales conversions from email marketing using business email.

To know more about email marketing options, reach out to Exabytes Malaysia for detailed insights.

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