Last Monday was an exciting day for us as we put on our headphones (some turned on the speakers!) to listen to our very own CEO, Mr Chan Kee Siak, being interviewed by the good people of BFM Radio (FM 89.9) yet again!


Although it was just a 15-minutes slot, we can’t help but to feel very proud that our very own CEO was on the radio, speaking to thousands of listeners, yearning to know about our business. It was 15 minutes of short-fame, that our CEO has managed to use wisely, in order to bring our brand name further — and he did it oh-so-confidently! How can we not be proud of him? 🙂

Just in case you didn’t know, this was not the first time the Exabytes brand was brought on air. In 2010, Mr Chan was invited by the same radio station to talk about Exabytes brand as a whole. This time around, he was brought back again to talk about our sister company, and how it’s working towards becoming a one stop online shopping mall. If you missed the session, click here to listen to it!

Now, any other radio station interested to get us on air? 😀

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