Why You Need a Cloud Backup Solution for Google Workspace


Cloud backup solution for Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the business and enterprise version service offering customers scope for managing business data.

In addition to extended feature offerings, Google Workspace allows its users to have custom email domain names operated over the Google platforms. 

Thousands of organizations are using Google Workspace solutions for the office productivity tools like email, calendars, drive for data storage, and the office productivity tools like Google Docs, and Google Calendar

Clients tend to prefer enterprise solutions like Google Workspace with the trust in the reliability, security, and service support.

However, there are certain nuances of using the Google Workspaces which the clients must be vigilant about.

Primarily, in the case of cloud backup, there are some grey areas wherein the users need to understand the intricacies.

While the cloud backup system offered by Google is available for use with Google Workspace services, there are still some limitations in the service, and there are instances, wherein the users will fail to retrieve the data from the Google Workspace systems.

Some of the challenges of cloud backup that users might face in the Google Workspace cloud backup are

1. Limited Time Google Backup 

For the data deleted from the Google Workspace, the data remains in its trash counter for 30 days, and thereafter the data will permanently get erased from the Google Workspace.

Irrespective of how the data is deleted, any data reaching the trash in Google cloud backup is there for 30 days and automatically deleted thereafter.

Consequently, any secured data in the system getting deleted has a limited scope of retrieval only 30 days.

Even in certain scenarios, for the users having large volumes of data and the assigned space in the Google Workspace is full, they are bound to shift some old or prioritize the data to be used in the cloud backup system.

In such cases, the challenges are about understanding the priorities for the data and moving the other non-priority data into the alternative or deleting them.

In such instances, any requirements from the old data moved from cloud backup could be a challenge.

Protection Issued for Human Errors

The other significant challenge is how the google cloud backup works for the human error use case scenarios.

If there is any mistaken identity of data for deletion or data omission by erroneous instance, recovery for such data is a cumbersome process.

As the Google cloud backup system takes data backup on a periodical basis for the user data for cloud backup, undo of deletions on real-time instances from cloud backup is not possible in some cases.

It is vital that such issues are addressed effectively by the teams to have the right process outcome.

2. Protection from the Cyber Attacks

cyber attacks

The cyber-attacks menace on the cloud solutions and enterprise systems is high, and if businesses are encountering ransomware attacks or another kind of cyber security breach, Google Workspace has all the facilities to switch to backup systems and manage the data from the alternate systems.

However, if the intrusions are at the application level, and the data in the cloud backup is corrupted, in such conditions, there is hardly any scope from Google Workspace to handle the challenges.

3. Vendor Lock-in and Data Migration Issues

The other critical impact scenario is the vendor lock-in challenges if any encountered with Google Workspace.

Businesses must ensure there are appropriate SLAs on vendor lock-in conditions.

Even in SaaS solutions, if there is any lock-in period or time-value challenges, there are issues about data back-up.

For instance, if the service is getting terminated early, if there is no backup, it can be complex for the businesses.

In a real-time scenario, when SMBs decide to migrate from Google Workspace to other vendors, the data migration process is supported.

However, the challenge with such migration is the limitation for migration of data limit per day.

Users are not able to transfer the data to other enterprises or download data fully in one go, and there is a limit on how much transfer or download can take place.

These limitations become an even bigger challenge when they need a copy of their full data, but the Google Workspace cloud backup does not make it available instantly.

Hence, it is important to ensure there are adequate and alternate cloud-to-cloud backup solutions up and running, which can ensure data backup regularly.

4. Alternate Back-Up Solutions 

Data backup solution

As everyday backup into such systems is a tedious process and redundancy, the data is backed up on a periodical timeframe. However, the two challenges in such process are if the physical data servers or storage devices get damaged physically or get corrupted, the whole backup is compromised.

Even the possibilities of failing to back up the data regularly or randomized cloud data backup challenges might creep up due to the extensive human intervention in the process.

Knowing the challenges, there is a need for businesses to ensure there is the right kind of system wherein the cloud-to-cloud backup system is up and running.

Unless there is systematic backup wherein even the data from the Google Workspace is backup using the cloud backup, the challenges and threats are imminent in some propositions.

Some of the modern cybersecurity solutions have the potential tools and systems wherein even the data from the SaaS applications such as Slack, Amazon Web Services and Canva are managed with proper cloud backup plans.

Depending on the sensitivity and impact of the data, if the SMBs can choose the right kind of data backup plans for Google Workspace and other such SaaS applications, it can help in managing the data protection more effectively.

5. Exabytes x Acronis Backup for Google Workspace

Reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia team to understand the facets of cloud backup solutions for Google Workspace.

Exabytes offers Acronis backup for Google Workspace – a combination of best online collaboration with solid cyber security fortified cloud backup for all data from within Google Workspace.

Talk to an Exabytes expert to know more about Acronis Cyber Protect can be a resourceful and how best can you optimize cloud-to-cloud backup solution for your own business data.

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