How a humble Perlis Trader Earned His Million Dollar Sales with within 14 months



How a humble Perlis Trader Earned His Million Dollar Sales with within 14 months

Mr. Nordin, a 65 year old trader from Perlis has successfully generated $1.9mil sales within 14 months joining in 2018. 

As Mr. Nordin and his company, Kugpis Sdn. Bhd. entered the 5th year of his partnership with and Exabytes, he shares his testimonial of how to succeed in the popular B2B export platform.

Background of Kugpis Sdn Bhd

Established in 2015, Kugpis is one of the finest manufacturers and exporters from rural Malaysia, engaged in dealing in best quality edible oils, coffee, chocolate, fish, agri products and tea. The wide assortment of food & beverage items that they offer is acclaimed by millions worldwide.

Mr. Nordin, who is the Marketing Director of Kugpis Sdn Bhd, sees the massive potential of and was the central key of generating a whopping 1.9mil sales on in 2019. He was also the proud recipient of eTrade eXporter MATRADE award in 2019 and an experienced trainer of B2B & B2C business platforms in collaboration with various government agencies and ministries of higher education.

How I discovered

Mr. Nordin was very familiar with the China trading market since 1990’s and actively joined physical export exhibitions by selling birdnest and other Malaysian products there. 

He also actively participated in various export events, seminars under MATRADE to enhance his experience and knowledge to grow his export business.

According to Mr. Nordin’s previous sharing, he had heard about since this platform was established in the 2000s. Since then, he observed and studied the platform thoroughly until he joined MATRADE FTZ Program as eTrade Cross Border member in 2017.

“I was offered a RM5,000.00 grant issued by MATRADE that time to onboard Without hesitation, I listed my best products after getting onboard There are now a total of 68 SKUs, including Food and Beverages, agriculture, health care, kitchen essentials, etc.”

“Throughout my 5 years on, the highest trade I’ve made is Baby Diapers, totaling 1.9mil sales. I sold this product to Bangladesh which is a country with a massive population of 300 million+”

“Besides, I also sold chocolate products to Vietnam using the live stream feature on, totaling 1.4mil in value. Other than that, I also have the experience of exporting petai, fighting fish, and etc. to different countries.”

Why I chose

With the accessibility to 200+ countries & regions and the reach of more than 20 million active buyers, Mr. Nordin has transformed his entire business to online nowadays.

“We used to spend a lot by joining the offline expo but we can access very limited markets.”

“However, with, we can do these online effortlessly. We get to receive much more inquiries from the provided big data, and actively engage with buyers through live streaming.”

“It’s more convenient and safer, especially with travel restrictions in recent years.”

Mr.Nordin emphasized that SMEs, manufacturers, traders who are still concerned about accessing global market business should look into as the big data on this platform allows the business owners to find success through discovering business trends, accessing customer purchase behavior and much more. 

He also suggests those who are newly onboard to follow training sessions provided by channel partners and get advice from local authorities. 

“Most importantly, put effort and never give up on any business challenges you are facing.” The Best Platform to Sell Your Product Globally offers second-to-none powerful analytics tools to help you understand your target market and your online store’s performance. All of the advantages of an online store are combined with a data-driven network of sellers, manufacturers, marketers, and transportation suppliers.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch your products in front of a worldwide audience with minimal expenditure and maximum exposure!

If you wish to know how benefits your export business overseas and wants to be an excellent exporter, book a free consultation with us by filling the form below. Our consultants are ready to assist you along your export journey!

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