Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Managed Backup Services


Cloud managed backup services

As per a 2022 Statista report, data breaches cost approximately US$ 4.35 million on an average globally.

Data is the backbone of any organization, and it should be every company’s primary responsibility to protect it.

However, data loss can happen at any time and some of the common causes of data loss include software corruption, human error, hardware impairment, viruses and malware, computer theft, and power failure.

Today, businesses are using different ways to safeguard data, and cloud backup is undoubtedly an effective solution.

Veeam backup & replication

Veeam backup, another new technology, allows companies to restore, backup, and replicate valuable data safely and quickly. 

Cloud managed backup comes with a host of benefits.

Before discussing the advantages of online backup, especially cloud backup with Veeam Cloud Connect, let’s discover what exactly Cloud managed backup services are.

Cloud Managed Backup Services – The Basics 

Cloud managed backup process involves storing sensitive business data offsite safely.

Cloud backup solutions for business have been proven to be an efficient alternative to the traditional backup process.

Companies providing managed cloud services are responsible for all backup operations.

Small to medium-sized organizations are relying on cloud managed backup service providers to save time and lower their backup and recovery management costs.

Top Benefits of Cloud Managed Backup Solutions – What to Expect

Data Backup

Businesses looking for a fast, secure, and integrated way to backup and restore their data, have considered cloud managed backup solutions to be effective.

Cloud backup with Veeam cloud connect comes with the following benefits:

  1. Complete Offsite Data Protection
  2. Reduced Infrastructure Investment
  3. Fully Encrypted – Protection Against Cyber Attack or Ransomware
  4. Easy to Access and Complete Control
  5. Technical Support from Experts
  6. Quick Backup and Recovery
  7. Time Saving and Up to date
  8. Automated Backup without Human Error
  9. Simple Data Protection Process
  10. Peace of Mind

Complete Offsite Data Protection  

Managed cloud Veeam backup service providers allow businesses to store all backup files remotely.

If and when a cyber incident occurs and impacts operations, the business data remains safe with offsite managed cloud backup service providers.

To meet the requirements of IT companies, cloud managed backup experts allow users to store sensitive business data offsite through a secure and trusted SSL connection as well as a cloud gateway.

Reduced Infrastructure Investment

Organizations opting for managed cloud Veeam backup solutions, don’t have to invest in an in-house technical team.

They don’t require space for data storage on office premises.

Additionally, they can save a lot on advanced data storage equipment.

When choosing cloud backup solutions for business, they just need to pay for the storage they use.

Managed cloud backup experts are likely to handle everything from maintaining physical servers and virtual machines to dealing with technical problems without making expensive mistakes. 

Fully Encrypted – Protection Against Cyber Attack or Ransomware 

Cyber attack and Ransomware

For many companies, cloud managed backup is a reliable solution for data protection. Businesses considering not backing up their sensitive data can be at risk due to cyber threats.

They are also likely to face several problems when it comes to disaster recovery.

One of the best advantages of online backup, especially cloud backup, is having end-to-end encryption through an SSL connection.

The experts, specializing in managed cloud Veeam backup, offer complete protection against any cyber threats, hardware failures, and accidental data deletion.

While working with reliable managed cloud Veeam backup service providers like Exabytes, businesses can protect their valuable data easily.

Easy to Access and Complete Control 

Managed cloud backup companies allow organizations to access as well as recover their business data directly from their backup console anytime.

One can have full control over data and access data to restore business-critical information with a few clicks anytime from anywhere.

Technical Support from Experts 

Data management specialists, who offer cloud backup solutions for business, enable organizations to leverage technology in the best possible ways. They provide support to businesses in ten languages.

Managed cloud backup providers also simplify the restoration process for a business’ in-house technical experts.

You can leverage technology for secure cloud backup and restoration operations easily with the help of a third-party vendor, specializing in managed cloud backup.

Quick Backup and Recovery 

Cloud access and control

Cloud backup and restoration experts in a third-party company ensure your backed-up data remains safe under their own network.

Working with a third-party company means having peace of mind.

Even if there is a loss of one file or entire primary backup due to accidental deletion or other reasons, cloud backup ensures mission critical data can be restored immediately. 

Advanced technologies like Veeam backup help businesses to attain normal operations swiftly.

Veeam’s cloud backup technology comes with two very interesting features as listed:

  • Backup copy job with WAN acceleration
  • GFS or grandfather-father-son retention policies. 

Time Saving and Up to date 

Cyber threats can impact your business negatively.

However, with cloud managed backup solutions, businesses can have better protection against cyber threats.

One does not have to pause business operations for long while recovering stolen or lost business files with the help of third-party cloud backup service providers.

With their effective disaster recovery strategies and advanced equipment, businesses can resume work by using the backup data, stored offsite.

Automated Backup without Human Error 

Backing up data manually is a time-consuming process. There are also high chances of possible human error.

With cloud Veeam backup and its advanced equipment, businesses find it easy to backup sensitive data automatically, as per schedule.

Just run the backup, and the cloud backup technology will take care of everything. The best part is – it comes without any risk of human error.

Simple Data Protection Process 

The cloud backup process can be simplified with a Veeam cloud connect. I

t helps businesses expand their backup infrastructure without the requirement for a second site. It’s a simple and cost-effective process that ensures safety.

Peace of Mind 

Managed cloud Veeam backup process makes it easy and safe for businesses to backup and also to restore data from a disaster or outage with just a few clicks.

While investing in managed cloud backup services, you should know that your data is in the safe hand.

Choosing cloud backup solutions for business is considered to be a vital step towards protecting sensitive data from cyber-attacks and system failures.

Businesses are investing in managed cloud backup services to have access to multiple copies of their business critical date and a swift restoration process

Exabytes, a reliable name in the market, offers fully resilient, 100% safe cloud managed backup services.

For smooth business operations and complete data security, switch to managed cloud backup.

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