4 Successful Digital transformation Pillars Every Enterprise Should Know


Successful Digital Transformation Pillars

Over the last decade, accelerated digital transformation has altered the way of doing business.

Enterprises are going digital to keep up with the rapid technological change.

Digital transformation in Malaysia is an emerging industrial phenomenon where the needs of customers through various digital platforms are taken care of.

According to the statistics, digital sales in Malaysia are continuously on the rise and aim to shoot up by 1.3 times by 2026.

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is the lead agency that works towards promoting and sustaining the digital transformation of Malaysia’s objective.

A 5-year plan (2021-2025) as an initiative has been launched to unlock the drivers of digital transformation by securing quality investments.

With the digital change continuously building the future, the industry 4.0 Malaysia revolution focusses on the manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

Journey of Digital Transformation with 4 Pillars

The journey to digital transformation outlines four pillars that every SME should know as a key to accelerating their business performance.  

1. Integration of Digital Technology  

Integration of technology with the enterprise is the first pillar to start the journey of digital transformation.

To be a part of Industry 4.0 Malaysia, the integration of several technologies and platforms such as ITSM, DevOps, and Agile are essential for real-time data processing and metric optimization. 

To successfully adopt and implement solutions for digital transformation, a strong support system of tools for cloud backup and disaster recovery management along with its planning is critical.

Need for Acronis Cloud Backup 

Acronis Cloud Backup logo

The enterprise’s digital journey as part of industry 4.0 Malaysia should include Acronis cloud backup for file backups and instant recovery of data.

Having a proper back-up system right from the start is as important as your software set-up to lead you through undisturbed digital transformation

One can purchase Acronis cloud backup at an attractive price of RM382.99/month/license at Exabytes

Use Veeam Disaster Recovery 

veeam disaster discovery

Businesses can face potential disasters when undergoing any digitization for which it is always beneficial to take preventive measures before commencing the journey towards industry 4.0 Malaysia digitization.

At the time of digital transformation, businesses face outages like technology disruption and failures.

At this time, a strong service is required to handle the vulnerabilities effectively.

Veeam disaster recovery backed by Exabytes fulfills the exact requirement here and ensures data protection and recovery at the time of digitization.

Disaster recovery management takes place when the entire data and network crashes.

Veeam disaster recovery management plan helps with the replication of your entire data servers, applications and disk drives.

Exabytes Malaysia strongly recommends that businesses conduct a thorough review of every disaster recovery scenario and tool before embarking on the journey of digital transformation.

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2. Development of Digital Identity  

Digital transformation commences with development of digital identity for the enterprise.

A true digital identity is the collection of enterprise data to provide internet users with a physical identity. 

Stored attributes such as company name, operations, scope, and management are essential for digital identity development.

Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide digital ID systems to store data for secure and instant processing. 

Exabytes understands the importance of digital transformation and enables managing customer identities, employees, partners and optimization control from time to time as part of its Amazon Web Services plans.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services

  • Time-management
  • Expert-skills
  • Affordable 

Amazon Web Services helps a corporate grow and scale their enterprise to another level with a digital identity.

Handling database storage, computation of power and content delivery can be overwhelming for the business during transformation with industry 4.0 Malaysia for which a solutions like Amazon Web Services can help businesses secure their digital identity through digital transformation.

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3. Digital Operation Tools

This pillar aims to optimize and simplify the enterprise’s journey through digital transformation.

Some of the digital tools such as IoT, 5G, and AI are in use to optimize the performance through Amazon Web Services.

Digital transformation requires operation tools that solve business problems and serve customers efficiently.

This is a fundamental pillar in industry 4.0 Malaysia that protects the digital identity of businesses through digital operation tools such as secure website security.

Sucuri Website Security

Sucuri Website Security is the ultimate website protection from malware and blacklists.

When you are on the journey towards digital transformation, it is important to initiate prevention through disaster recovery management.

By adopting digital operation tools like Sucuri Website Security, businesses can subscribe to enterprise grade cyber protection including:

  • Malware Scanning
  • Malware Detection 
  • Blacklist detection and monitoring for every 6 hours
  • Search engine poisoning (SEP) repair
  • Continuous monitoring of WHOIS & DNS
  • Prevention of DDos through Sucuri web application firewall

Through Exabytes, every business can obtain Sucuri Website Security at prices as low as RM79/month for a single website. 

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4. Digital Marketing Solutions

Integration of digital technology, development of digital identity and optimization of digital tools leads to pursuing the last digital marketing pillar i.e. digital marketing solutions.

This pillar’s focus is to market the brand and increase visibility in industry 4.0 Malaysia. 

There is an increasing need for increasing the reach of enterprises through Omni channel presence which is possible with the help of digital marketing solutions as below. 

  • Building brand awareness to enhance the focus on your enterprise for industry 4.0 Malaysia
  • Use of artificial intelligence to create contacts and have access to the customer database through Amazon Web Service.
  • Identification of critical customer behaviors during digital transformation Malaysia
  • Monitoring the return on marketing investments
  • Creating campaigns in digital marketplaces for digital transformation
  • Reduction of customer acquisition costs

Implementing digital marketing using secure and protective business solutions and initiating improved services for your customers is possible when one relies on quality investments and disaster recovery management solution.

This helps in huge spikes of the returns during digital transformation.

Businesses wanting to start or progress in their digital transformation journey to enter the industry 4.0, Malaysia should look at embracing tools which provide cyber security, backup and disaster recovery cover.

Exabytes offers some of the best solutions for these like:

What’s more, Exabytes offers all the above tools at affordable prices with long-term assistance.

Contact our 24×7 support to know more and sign up.

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