Cloud Storage & File Sharing Solutions for Small Businesses


Cloud Storage & File Sharing Solutions

Evolving information systems solutions are supportive of small businesses in ways. Right from digital enablement to transformation into e-business solutions, the scope and opportunities are many.

One such significant development is cloud storage solutions.

Globally, many small businesses are relying on the potential of cloud storage for business to manage their business data, deal with backup requirements, managing IT infrastructure requirements.

Also, in terms of dealing with effective data management among the internal teams or external networks, the need for a collaborative approach, and file sharing is possible with cloud storage for businesses.

Cloud storage gives you the chance to put your files on a server that you can access from any device and any place.

Before this new thing came along, people shared files on social networks like Facebook and used hard drives to store files.

Despite that many small businesses use hard drives to store their data, some of the businesses are leveraging the benefits of cloud storage for businesses to manage the free storage, and for dealing with file sharing.

Some of the key benefits of using cloud storage for business are:

  • Free-to-use storage space accounts offering limited space storage
  • In the paid cloud storage options, businesses can choose from flexible online storage for business plans
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the data
  • Reliable and secured data access
  • The inherent structure of the data backup part of the cloud storage structure
  • Easy to use in terms of file sharing and teamwork within the teams or access to external groups
  • Real-time sync of data from the cloud storage to multiple devices with the account login

While the above mentioned are some advantages of using cloud storage solutions, the following are some of the popular online storages for business options available for small businesses. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive Interface

Google Drive is one of the prominent cloud storage solutions, available for individual Gmail accounts, and as online storage for business in the Google Workspace accounts.

There are multiple options with google drive wherein up to a certain storage capacity, businesses can make use of the free cloud storage capacity.

Beyond the prescribed free storage, small businesses can make use of paid cloud storage for business.

When the rates are competitive, the services offered as part of the cloud storage options are phenomenal. Some of the key features of Google Drive are:

  • Sync of the files across the account login devices is possible
  • File sharing between the internal group members or with third parties is a feasible solution
  • Periodical backup of the data from the systems is possible in the Google workspace accounts
  • High security and reliability of the services from Google

Globally, millions of small businesses and freelance professionals rely on Google Drive for cloud storage options to manage their data over the cloud environment and access the files anytime anywhere.

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Microsoft OneDrive 

Microsoft OneDrive

The other popular cloud storage solution available in the public domain is Microsoft OneDrive. The benefits are many in the case of using Microsoft One Drive.

Like Google Drive, the scope of free online storage is available for a certain limit.

The flexible options available as a subscription model for OneDrive as cloud storage for businesses are phenomenal.

Choosing the services as part of the Office 365 accounts, have more benefits wherein, the online storage is available for business as exclusive to each user account.

Also, the file sharing and file editing process can happen in real time in a seamless collaborative environment.

When the files are being stored into OneDrive using the pre-defined configuration settings, as and how you are working on a word-processor sheet or excel-sheet it gets automatically saved in the cloud storage for the respective accounts.

It’s as simple as logging into the OneDrive account from the web browser and start working on your last file, or create a new file, or downloading the file into any computer or mobile device.

The seamless working model, combined with the economies of scale turns Microsoft OneDrive into one of the preferred cloud storage and file-sharing solutions available for the public domain.

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Dropbox Business Dashboard

In addition to the above two, the other popular cloud storage solution available is the DropBox which is used by thousands of small businesses.

It is paramount for businesses to choose cloud storage solutions that are cost-effective and can support the seamless performance of business operations.

DropBox also offers personal, small business, and enterprise-level subscription plans for cloud storage for businesses.

Access from multiple devices and periodical backup settings are possible in the case of the DropBox business solutions as online storage for business.

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In addition to the above mentioned, there are many small scales and enterprise-level cloud storage for business solutions available in the market.

Businesses need to choose appropriate kinds of backup solutions and follow some of the best practices for dealing with online storage solutions.

For instance, in the case of a real-time sync of files for cloud storage, any mistaken deletion of the data from the cloud account could lead to the permanent deletion of the file.

Consequently, such factors need a cautious approach. Even in the case of the file sharing options, users should choose the more suitable option like only-to-read, or editable permissions, etc. to ensure the data in the cloud storage is secure.

With numerous online storage solutions available, small businesses with limited budgets can also explore the usage of 2-3 different cloud storage solutions for different needs.

what is cloud computing

For example, one cloud storage could be used for dealing with archives, and the other storage for business accounts can be subscribed at lower plans for smooth functioning of business operations.

Choosing the appropriate range of cloud storage solutions, and understanding the pros and cons of the chosen online storage for business helps the business in dealing with the storage option more effectively.

To know more about online storage for business and to have attractive deals and assistance for cloud storage, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia customer support team.

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