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best customer helpdesk software

Most organizations require a helpdesk automation to handle discussions with customers – be it dealing with IT requests from staff members or corresponding with consumers to assist resolve service-related concerns.

Using a customer help desk software is among the finest methods to accomplish it.

According to Marketwatch- The market for helpdesk automation tools is expected to reach a readjusted value of USD 2104.8 million by 2028 with a CAGR of 10.0%.

It is currently anticipated to be worth USD 1188.1 million in 2022.

What is Customer Help Desk Software?

Customer help desk software is a tool for managing, organizing, and responding to service-related requests.

Some helpdesk automation is used for requests from consumers outside the company, while others are used for requests from team members inside the company.

A shared email, knowledge base software, and a live chat option are just a few of the features that customer help desk software could have.

Having said so, not all helpdesk automation offers all of the aforementioned resources.

Using a customer help desk software platform is a wonderful way to enhance the customer experience since it compiles all of the customer support interactions into one omnichannel tool. 

The Best Customer Help Desk Software

1. Zendesk


Zendesk uses time-saving solutions like ticketing systems and helpdesk automation to streamline customer assistance.

Its support customer help desk software was created with both customers and service desk employees in mind, making it simple to use and intuitive.

The correct tools are the foundation of great customer help desk software, and Zendesk provides all the tools required to provide the greatest customer experience.

2. HappyFox


A full-featured, cloud-based IT helpdesk automation solution called HappyFox is made for a range of businesses and team sizes.

It has all the necessary components of a helpdesk automation, such as intelligent automation, ticketing system management, extensive reporting, and more.

However, HappyFox has fewer app connectors than competitors such as Zendesk.

3. Help Scout 

Help Scout, like HappyFox, is customer help desk software and is capable of supporting big customer support teams of 500 or more.

Help Scout, while offering a 14-day free trial and no minimum user requirement, is more accommodating to small businesses.

Strong reporting, a ticketing system, native knowledge bases, a solid API, and a wide variety of connectors are all supported by Help Scout.

The monthly costs for the Standard and Plus plans are $20 and $35, respectively, per user. You must get in touch with them for a quote if you want to know the cost of their company plan.

If your company is a start-up or focuses on environmental sustainability or social impact, you may be eligible for a significant discount.

4. Cloud Service by Salesforce

service cloud Salesforce

Salesforce Service Cloud is undoubtedly a product worth considering for businesses in need of a reliable, enterprise-level technical helpdesk automation support solution.

In order to deliver a system that enables exceptional service and improvement over time, it makes use of AI-powered helpdesk automation, 360-degree customer perspectives, and advanced service analytics.

Having said that, if you currently use another well-liked Salesforce product, such as their CRM, it will be simpler to utilize all of Salesforce Service Cloud’s capabilities, including the 360-degree helpdesk automation customer perspective.

If not, you’ll need to configure connectors or utilize the Salesforce API to fetch pertinent information from other applications.

5. SysAid

SysAid customer helpdesk

SysAid is one of the best IT customer help desk software options available since it was created to help IT employees work smarter, not harder.

This platform has a strong emphasis on helpdesk automation and has tools for managing as many ticketing system as feasible helpdesk automation.

Key features including self-service, automatic reporting, and ticketing system automation are included in the basic SysAid customer help desk software, which is offered as SaaS, on-premise, and as a mobile app.

Workflow helpdesk automation and BI analytics are among the additional capabilities offered by the ITSM and ITSM+ business helpdesk automation software plans, which are more comprehensive.

6. Vivantio

Vivantio is a customer help desk software, was established in 2003 and works well for small to mid-sized B2B companies.

Giving detailed information about the company, such as the kind of clients you serve and the number of ticketing system types you handle, is required when requesting a free trial.

The platform, however, provides a broad range of plans, from the entry-level Value Plan, which costs 32 pounds per month per user, to its business helpdesk automation software Visionary Plan, which costs 102 pounds per month.

The Value Plan’s basics include elements like straightforward SLAs, branded self-service helpdesk automation portals, and a mobile app.

Additionally, customers may get well-liked features like knowledge management, several Kanban calendar view kinds, and personalized dashboards with the mid-level Vital Plan.

7. Desk Zoho

One of the top cloud support customer help desk software on the market is Zoho Desk, which provides context-aware customer care helpdesk automation capabilities.

Receiving and responding to requests across channels while collecting critical client data on a single user-friendly platform.

Up to three agents may use the Zoho customer help desk software free plan, which also offers the essentials like an email ticketing system, a private knowledge base, and a mobile app. 

8. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is rapidly increasing in popularity among cloud-based IT customer help desk software since it was designed for quick setup and no-code customization.

Popular features include a knowledge library, the capability for multichannel communication, and AI-powered service management tools that provide data-based suggestions.

One can test out Freshdesk risk-free for 21 days. Alternatively, if you run a small business, the affordable Growth Plan is $18 per month, invoiced monthly.

Many of the top helpdesk automation technologies, such as a workflow automator, self-service portal, and incident management, are included in the starter plan to get you going.


It might be difficult to pick the best customer help desk software for your business. Your staff will be able to consistently deliver the level of customer care you desire with the aid of the proper helpdesk automation software like Freshworks.

To know more about customer help desk software from Exabytes, contact us now.

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