eTRADE Programme 2.0: Funding Opportunities to Grow Your B2B Export Business Online!


funding opportunities to grow b2b export business onlineEarly last year, the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) launched its enhanced eTRADE Programme 2.0 specifically under the eTRADE Programme pipeline – allowing a greater pathway for businesses who are looking to tap into the cross border ecommerce market.

MATRADE Launches eTrade Programme 2.0

Under the eTRADE Programme 2.0, MATRADE aim to assist Malaysian SMEs by providing incentive for companies to sustain their participation in the cross border eCommerce platforms, assist SMEs to create sustainable and valuable presence while helping to maintain companies’ online business through digital marketing, eCommerce training and online export promotions.

2 incentives schemes available for etrade

There are 2 incentive schemes available for businesses:

(1) the Onboarding Scheme and

(2) Digital Marketing & Training (DMT) Scheme. Businesses who are interested in either scheme can reach out to our professional consultant at Exabytes to commence the application process.

The Onboarding Scheme

The updated Onboarding Scheme is designed to allow participants of eTRADE Programme 1.0 to apply for the incentive under the latest eTRADE 2.0 Onboarding Scheme.

For starters, the qualification criteria for eTRADE 1.0 recipients are attached below for your reference.

✓ eCommerce export sales of not less than RM5,000 annually for at least one (1) out of the last two (2) years, or
✓ Presence in eCommerce platform for at least one (1) out of the last two (2) years at applicant’s cost; or
✓ Diversification of eCommerce platform; and
✓ Financial commitment from the company.
• Incentive of RM5,000 or 80% of the onboarding cost, whichever lower

If you fulfill the following criterias, you may reach out to us to begin your Onboarding Scheme ready for processing purposes.

However, please note that all submissions of applications are to be fulfilled within 6 months after payment has been made for onboarding.

For those who never apply, contact Exabytes

Here are the supporting documents which will be needed by the applicant before we get started to process your application:
• Screenshot of eCommerce platform joined by applicant at their own cost
• Invoice and receipt of payment for onboarding cost borne by the applicant for the previous year
• Proof of export sales made through eCommerce platform

The Digital Marketing & Training (DMT) Scheme

The Digital Marketing & Training (DMT) Scheme is available for companies that have a cross border eCommerce website running for more than 1 year and allow these companies to utilise the services provided by appointed channel partners such as Exabytes.

For companies with an eCommerce website running more than 1 year, the criteria to start your application for the DMT scheme are stated as follows:

✓ Company already selling on cross-border eCommerce website NOT less than one (1) year;
✓ Company must provide relevant document to prove the website is cross border;
✓ eCommerce export sales of not less than RM5,000 annually for at least one (1) out of the last two (2) years; and
✓ The website must have a monitoring mechanism to provide periodic reporting to MATRADE.
If a company would like to ultilise the services provided by appointed channel partners of cross border eCommerce platform, here are the stated criterias for reference:
✓ Appointed channel partners must submit their appointment document for Secretariat’s verification.

Similarly, businesses who fulfill the criterias mentioned are also welcomed to get in touch with Exabytes to start the application process.

Please ensure to provide the supporting documents as stated below for a smoother application process:

• Proof of website operation more than one (1) year
• Proof of cross border transaction on website
• Appointment document for channel partner from eCommerce platform

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