Cyberattacks on SMEs – Stay Productivity and Safe with M365

Microsoft M365 Cyberattacks SMEs
Cyberattacks on SMEs – Stay Productivity and Safe with M365

Emerging developments in terms of e-business presence from SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) are gaining momentum. 

SMEs relying on digital solutions is not a new phenomenon, and there are many SMEs using enterprise application systems, information systems, and other such digital mediums for business operations.

Post-pandemic, there is a quantum jump in how people are relying on end-to-end digital solutions for managing business operations.

A critical success factor in the domain is how the business continuity process is managed effectively using the combination of a distinct set of digital solutions.

Some significant contributions in the spectrum are remote working, cloud-drive usage for managing the data files, online meetings, instant messaging systems, and collaborative work environment tools offered by the likes of M365 (Microsoft 365).

Alongside the positive developments emerging in the reliance on digital systems, the number of cyberattacks taking place in the domain is high, and it is impacting towards disruption, incurring huge losses resulting from interrupting business operations.

SMEs in Malaysia have always been proactive in adopting emerging technological advancements and reap benefits from the contemporary range of solutions.

SME in Malaysia cyber threats

As highlighted in reports from MDEC, around 84% of the small businesses in Malaysia were prone to cyber threat incidents, and most of them have undergone attacks more than once.

Predominantly the issue of cyberattacks is resulting out of a lack of adequate infrastructure and resources to manage the cybersecurity requirements at the enterprise levels.

Choosing the right tools for managing the business and information systems security is paramount.

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Choosing the right solutions like M365 (Microsoft 365), Trello, Asana and Google Workspace for business can be highly resourceful for small and medium businesses.

Even for the individuals having their desktops or laptops, choosing the new age offerings such as Office 365, and Microsoft license solutions can be a milestone in security for systems.

Office 365 and other contemporary product, and service offerings from Microsoft are in a distinct set of packages.

Users can simply sign-up for one email id hosting or purchase the enterprise package offering a bundle of features like an office 365 license, email-id hosting, operating system license, etc. as a combined offer.

Choosing Office 365 from the Microsoft license product range by SMEs in Malaysia can help them manage work productivity from anywhere at basic packages costing around RM 13 per month for every user.

Managing personalized IT infrastructure is a cost-centric element and is non-pragmatic for SMEs of Malaysia and professionals in their capacity.

Choosing the holistic service solutions from Microsoft (M365) can help SMEs in having a secured service setup.

Users can be more focused on their business objectives as Microsoft takes care of the security elements integral to the prevention of cyberattacks.

Microsoft’s range of product and service offerings is seen as highly secured, as they comply with ISO 27001 certification for cloud computing service offerings.

4 Key Elements of Microsoft M365

Four key elements that make M365 the robust set-up for small-scale businesses are

  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Threat Protection 
  • Information Protection 
  • Security and Risk Management 

Some of the other value addition in the Microsoft product set-up is

  • Microsoft 365 is a highly secured platform offering productivity and collaboration in a systems environment at a competitive price. 
  • Data centers of Microsoft are protected by state-of-art security infrastructure; thus, the chances of security breaches or cyber-attacks are very remote. 
  • 99% uptime guarantee offered by for its licensed users is a comprehensive package of security, reliability, and economies of scale
  • Some comprehensive security features like identity and access control systems, threat protection, advanced persistent threat detection systems and kind of security and risk management practices are cutting edge over other office tools. 
  • Scores of security features like multifactor authentication, TOTP solutions for one-time password generation, and others are highly resourceful for the users in securing their systems and data. 
  • The whole ecosystem of service offerings in the Microsoft 365 environment is governed among the four key elements while enhancing the service experience for the users. 
  • Unlike the past, wherein if a system gets corrupted or damaged, the data in the systems are in jeopardy, the new age offerings from Microsoft as office 365 are cloud-backed systems. In simple terms, if the data in the systems are lost or corrupted, just login into another system to your Microsoft account for accessing all your data. Real-time data updates into the cloud systems enhance information security. 

There are scores of other benefits in the usage of the Microsoft range of products and services.

Globally, one of the popular operating systems is Windows operating system from Microsoft.

Windows operating system

SMEs from Malaysia choosing the licensed version of the Windows operating system are covered with extensive protection of the information systems network.

More often in the unlicensed versions, the firewall systems and security updates to the windows systems are not complete, and thus, the vulnerability exists.

However, in the licensed version, at marginal costs on the Microsoft license, and auto-updates allowed, the windows systems always undergo security checks and regular updates to the OS at the system levels.

It increases the overall security cover from any of the new trend malware and is secure for the computing devices.

SMEs working in the current digital environment are relying on the virtual meeting tools for internal, and external meeting ecosystems of communication among the internal and external groups as well in a more secured environment.

All this wide range of services from Microsoft are available at competitive pricing bundled with many value additions.

The SMEs must have an internal team or the right kind of external IT expertise guiding the businesses in choosing the right kind of product and services.

For SMEs in Malaysia, Exabytes Malaysia can be a sounding board for selecting a diverse range of Microsoft product offerings.

Choosing an integrated and right service like M365 can secure well the information systems of SMEs and offer a reliable productivity platform for the organizations.

Exabytes offers M365 with a 24x7x365 tech support team who are always available to provide high quality assistance.

Contact an Exabytes representative today for more information, offers and promotions!

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