Exabytes Hosting Knowledge Base (KB) is NOW in Facebook Fans Page!


Exabytes Hosting Knowledge Base (KB)

Exabytes Hosting Knowledge Base (KB)

Attention fellow netizens! Do you know that when faced with a hosting doubt, you can get the solution IMMEDIATELY without going through support request? That’s Right!

Solutions to your hosting problems might just be right there in Exabytes Hosting Knowledge Base (KB), which is now conveniently available on Facebook Fans Page!

When you encounter a hosting difficulty, simply click on the “Knowledgebase” icon below the banner of Exabytes fans page and pop in the keywords into the search field before pressing the ‘search’ button.

Exabytes’ KB is a very resourceful database that consists of all the useful information and guidance we’ve compiled over the years when finding solutions for our 60,000 valuable clients worldwide.

If you think this KB is just like any other FAQ with endless text, take a minute of your precious time to explore a little bit, and you’ll find the newly setup Exabytes hosting KB on Facebook with some very useful and related screenshots that make your learning process much easier, even for beginners.

To learn more, go to our support portal at https://support.exabytes.com.my (Exabytes Support)and click on “Knowledge Base” to view the video directly.

Alternatively, come on to our Facebook fans page and conveniently view it on Facebook!

And the greater news is, Exabytes hosting KB is not only open to our customers, but anyone who has access to the Internet.

Anyhow, you are always welcome to contact our 24*7 helpdesk support shall you unable to find a solution from our KB.

So don’t wait! Try out Exabytes Hosting Knowledge Base whenever you’re faced with any hosting doubts!

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