The Importance of an SSL Certificate for a Website


importance of an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a vital tool to safeguard user information from hackers. Any professional website that handles sensitive data, such as financial or medical records, should have an SSL.

If an organization has an e-commerce website or gathers sensitive client data, learning more about obtaining an SSL may be beneficial.

SSL certificates were once merely a website requirement, but they have now become an obligatory norm.

The significance of SSL extends beyond data security. SSL certificates assist in increasing user confidence, enhancing SEO rankings, and much more.

In this essay, we will define SSL certificates, their many varieties, why they are vital, and who should use them.


What Exactly is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Lock) certificates are short data files that are used on the server to add a cryptographic key.

When SSL certificates are put on a server, a secure connection is established between the server and the browser.

This indicates that the information transmitted over this Secure Sockets Lock (SSL) connection is encrypted. As a result, a third party cannot hack or tamper with the data.

When an SSL is put on a server, the HTTP protocol is converted to HTTPS, where the ‘S’ denotes secure.

HTTP + SSL = HTTPS graphic

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SSL Certificate Types

Depending on the situation and budget, various types of SSL can be utilized.

  • Single Domain SSL Certificate: A single-domain SSL is only valid for one domain/subdomain. It cannot be used by any other domain or even a subdomain of the applied domain.
  • A wildcard SSL certificate protects a single domain as well as its subdomains. It is not applicable to any other domain. The certificate will provide a list of all subdomains.
  • Multiple domains may be protected by a single SSL with the Unified Communications (UCC) protocol. A UCC SSL certificate can contain up to 250 domains and sub-domains (depending on the issuer).

a. SSL Certificate with Organization Validation (OV)

SSL with OV certificates considerably increases the credibility of the owner’s website since they provide the name and address of the organization.

In this situation, the CA may ask for a thorough review of business-related documents.

b. SSL Certificate with Domain Validation (DV)

The certificate with the lowest validity is more likely. With this certificate, one merely needs to demonstrate that one owns the domain. Bloggers, portfolio sites, and others acquire it.

c. SSL Certificate with Extended Validation (EV)

This is where the organization’s thorough background check takes place. It is the most reliable certificate, but it is also the most expensive.

The SSL price depends on the type of SSL you are getting for your website. The SSL certificate cost also differs from provider to provider.

Exabytes offers an affordable SSL certificate for all types of businesses.


The Importance of SSL Certificates for a Website

ssl certificate banner

A secure socket layer (SSL) certificate offers far more than you may anticipate, in addition to its basic function of encrypting website data.

1. SSL Safeguards Data

An SSL certificate’s primary role is to secure server-client communication. When an SSL is installed, all information is encrypted.

In a layman’s terms, the data is encrypted and can only be unlocked by the designated receiver (browser or server) because no one else has the key.

When dealing with sensitive data such as IDs, passwords, credit card details, and so on, an SSL protects you from the malicious army of hackers and scammers.

Hackers’ abilities are shown to be useless against SSL’s unbeatable encryption technology since an SSL certificate converts the data into an unreadable format.

2. Security for All Business Subdomains

A Wildcard SSL certificate secures the main site and all of its subdomains (such as or with a single SSL.

This is especially handy for company owners or those who manage large websites with several subdomains. With a regular SSL, individual certificates must be installed for each subdomain.

3. SSL Verifies Identity

Another important use of an SSL certificate is to allow website authentication. In terms of web security, one of the most critical factors is identity verification.

There is little doubt that the internet is becoming increasingly deceitful. There have been reports of consumers losing thousands of dollars on fraudulent websites.

This is where an SSL comes in.

4. Improved Search Engine Ranking

Another advantage of having an SSL certificate setup is the SEO boost in rankings that your site will receive.

Google provides websites with encrypted connections a modest ranking boost as part of its HTTPS everywhere push.

Even if the benefit may not be great, having an SSL will put your business ahead of your rivals who do not yet have certificates.

5. SSL Assists You in Meeting PCI/DSS Requirements

If one accepts online payments, he must be familiar with PCI/DSS rules. The website must be PCI compliant in order to accept online payments.

Installing an SSL is one of the 12 basic criteria established by the credit card industry (PCI). As a result, whether you want it or not, an SSL certificate is required.

6. Identifies Dangers

The importance of SSL stems from the advance notice of a potential breach or danger to the website.

One may quickly verify the website’s data for tampering and reset critical passwords or log-in credentials.

7. Increases Customer Trust

SSL are critical in terms of client confidence. The easily identifiable signals notify consumers that the data they provide is safe.

They can also see the organization’s information if businesses have an OV or EV SSL setup.

They are significantly more inclined to do business or visit the website once they see the SSL certificate and realize that it is a reputable company.



SSL are essential for websites, and the most common approach to obtaining one is to check if your existing website hosting company, such as Exabytes, provides any SSL cert.

Data security is essential nowadays and SSL certificates are solely used to protect data. Exabytes also offers the best website security such as Acronis Cyber Protect, Sucuri Web Security, and SpamExperts for your website.

To find out more about SSL services, contact us now.

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