MWA 2017 – Congratulations to Winners of Site of the Month for September


Hey hey! Time flies! Now it’s time to announce the winner of Site of the Month for September are you ready?


MWA 2017 September Winner announcement Before that, we would like to give thanks to the team who have work out for this awards behind the scene, as well as the internal judges as well!

Thank you for sparing the time to evaluate each of the website decide the winner of Site of the Month.

Now let’s see the winner of:

Site of the Month (SEP) – Commercial

K&A Creatives

Congratulations to K&A Creatives. Let’s all give an applause for the good work of Pelican.

Check out their website Here.

Site of the Month (SEP) – Personal


Congratulations to Ahmad Farid Amran, what a nice and informative travel blog you have!. Thank you for participating.

Check out the stunning website by Ahmad Farid Amran.

Site of the Month (SEP) – E-Commerce

Domino Pizza Malaysia website

Congratulations to Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, let’s check the website out here.

Click HERE to know more about others nominee’s websites and rating.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners. Well Done!

All the nominees who have submitted their website even have not been chosen as SOTM, please keep on trying because you stand for the chances to win the Public’s Favourite Website Awards!

Don’t stop asking your friends and family to VOTE for you now!

**Disclaimer: Our team will check out and terminate the votes if there are suspicious fake votes found.**

Calling for October Submissions

We are waiting for your amazing websites! Submit your website right now to participate for August submissions.

Currently, we have received more than 10 websites submission, so quickly submit yours before October ends.

Submit your website HERE

Invitation to Attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony

The purpose of the Awards Presentation Ceremony is to distribute the awards to the winners, as well as giving opportunities to have a good networking session for everyone.

Event details as below:

MWA 2017 awards presentation ceremony

Why should you attend this Awards Presentation Ceremony?

Networking Opportunity – As mentioned, it is a networking opportunity for everyone! Web Designers and Developers can get to exchange ideas or knowledge, while individual can know more web designers & developers to enhance its own website.

Grow the Community Better – MWA seeks to recognize and reward the outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best web developers, web designers and web agencies in Malaysia.

It also helps to gather all of them to be together. Join us as a part and build the web community even better and stronger!

If you are interested to join the Awards Presentation Ceremony, do not hesitate to click HERE to register.

Oh ya, did I ever mention? It’s FREE ADMISSION.

See you in next post!

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