Exabytes SiteLock is Like a Tsunami Alert

After the terrible destruction and painful aftermath of Tsunami in Asia, many countries including Malaysia are now taking all the necessary steps to prevent the destruction of Tsunami. Humans cannot prevent Tsunami from happening, but we can always do our part by taking important precautions when signs of imminent Tsunami are present.

For example, when Indonesia experiences earthquake, Malaysia will issue an alert / warning to all Malaysians that a Tsunami is imminent so that everyone stays away from the seaside. Unfortunately, alerts are sometimes ignored by a small number of people who fail to take precaution for their own safety.

Come to think of that, SiteLock is rather similar to Tsunami alerts in many ways. Just like the alerts for Tsunami, SiteLock warns website owners about the vulnerabilities on their websites so that they can take actions to prevent the destruction such as hacking or other malicious attacks.

Some similarities between SiteLock and Tsunami alerts:

Tsunami Alerts SiteLock
1 Tsunami alerts are effective in preventing human casualty and property destruction. SiteLock is an effective tool to prevent hacking or other malicious attacks.
2 Tsunami alerts warn people of imminent Tsunami, but needs cooperation from the people such as stay away from the seaside to effectively prevent casualty. SiteLock alerts users of potential hacking and attacks, but needs cooperation from its users to fix the vulnerability to effectively prevent the terrible consequences.
3 Tsunami alerts are effective. However, the responsibility to take necessary precautions rests on the people themselves. SiteLock is a great tool to prevent hacking or other attacks. However, the responsibility to fix vulnerabilities rests on its users.


So act NOW! Sign up for SiteLock and play your part in kicking out hackers from your website and preventing other malicious attacks!
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