Basic Rules of SMS Marketing: Dos and Don’ts for Text Messages


SMS Marketing Do's and Don'ts for Text Messages

Marketing technologies are evolving, and one of the significant platforms in the marketing sphere is SMS marketing.

Over time, the scope of text marketing is gaining prominence, and the results from text marketing like the free SMS are delivering results.

For small businesses or large-scale organizations, working on SMS marketing can be a potential choice as it is more economical in comparison to various other options for customer communication patterns.

Also, SMS marketing kind of text marketing is fast, efficient, and can be used for reaching out to a large group of members with a single -click of a button, kind of ease of use.

In the mobile marketing phenomenon, SMS marketing has gained its popularity in quick turnaround time, and despite the current social media marketing boom, the scope and demand for text marketing using SMS marketing have not gone down.

SMS marketing or text marketing is seen to have better hit rates for the campaigns, and kind of text marketing conditions.

Some of the statistics referring to how text marketing in the form of SMS marketing is resourceful for businesses are:

  • The redemption rate of the digital coupons sent via SMS marketing has a higher click rate than the conventional printed coupons.
  • Many of the text messages delivered to the target groups are being read by the customers.
  • Compared to other digital communication channels, SMS marketing has a click-through rate that is 9.8% greater.

Basis the success and sustainable growth of SMS marketing platforms and free SMS solutions available in the market, it is evident that the scope of SMS marketing is high and still the solution has higher demand in the market.

Like other marketing practices, even in the case of SMS marketing, there are certain rules which are significant to support effective marketing and quality returns from the process.

Good Practices for SMS Marketing

To reap good benefits from SMS marketing, the following are some of the good practices or rules that one call follow.

1. Call-to-Action Targets

SMS messages are short and have a limited scope of 160 characters long. Thus, be it the free SMS campaign or the paid text marketing with SMS marketing, the objective should be about using the call-to-action (CTA) in the text message.

The message must be so precise and need clear information that pushes the customers towards action in response to the text marketing.

If there are lengthy messages in the SMS marketing or too much information stuffed in as the text marketing, responses for such messages could be challenging.

Also, if the message does not have the appropriate information to trigger the user’s interest, the campaign may fail to generate user interest.

2. Precise Content

SMS marketing should be having adequate inputs structured within the short text marketing.

Focusing on the key points to be mentioned in the message and ensuring that the messages are being effectively planned for communicating the issues to the customers are important.

Adapting to the communication practices like Keeping it short and simple has always fared well in SMS marketing.

3. Attention Grabbers

The success of SMS marketing can be effective only when there is the right kind of attention grabbers in text marketing.

In the free SMS or the paid SMS marketing campaigns, the hit rates are high for the messages wherein there is substantial information like the offers on products or services, quick decision grabbers like first come discounts, etc.

4. Timing the SMS marketing

SMS marketing needs to be timed effectively. With thousands of mobile users marking text marketing as spam, one needs to be cautious of timing the SMS marketing.

The instances of repeated delivery of SMS marketing to the customer groups might irk them, and they might mark it as spam.

Also, if the SMS marketing is being delivered at the wrong time of the day, the chances of such marketing campaigns going unnoticed among the customer groups too are high.

To avoid such factors, one must focus on the timing of the text marketing campaign.

In an illustrative scenario, when the SMS marketing is scheduled for delivery during peak working hours, the probability of the text marketing campaign getting a weak response rate is higher.

Both in the case of paid SMS marketing or free SMS-oriented text marketing, if the timing is not well, the results from such practices can always be poor.

5. Marketing Campaign Segmentation

The other key aspect one must consider is the market campaign segmentation and accordingly planning the free SMS or text marketing using the SMS marketing campaigns.

The classification must be on the generic target text marketing which is circulated to all the target group circles.

In the other dimension, for the customized messages, ensure that the text marketing is customized and choose the proper communication practices for delivering a better SMS marketing campaign.

Among the other set of major mistakes in SMS marketing, the messages does not have proper correspondence information and avoid doing that.

Rather than a simple message for free SMS, text marketing should contain some sort of contact information like the URL visit, the contact number or email details, etc. wherein the customers can trigger a call-for-action.

Subscribers or potential customers should know the details of who has sent the information alongside the content of the text marketing.

The other basic rule for effective SMS marketing is to choose the right kind of service provider offering the SMS marketing platforms having advanced filter options, bulk SMS marketing facility, an option of free SMS solutions, and secured service leading to the text marketing reaching out to the intended audience.

When choosing a service provider for signing up to text marketing plan dans services – it is important to understand the success ratio, irrespective of the kind of SMS marketing content quality.

To have more strategic support on SMS marketing, and assured quality of services, reach out to the Exabytes Malaysia customer support team for more information on bulk SMS marketing solutions.

With plans starting as low as RM199/month, Exabytes Malaysia provides SMS marketing and text marketing at cheap, affordable prices.

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