How to Do SMS Marketing in Malaysia: Beginners’ Best Practices


SMS Marketing Malaysia

SMS marketing is one example of a low-cost marketing method. Given that everyone, from children to old people, has a mobile device, this marketing strategy is a strategic and tactical marketing tool businesses should consider.

It should come as no surprise that email open rates drop to their lowest point around the holidays (18.6%, according to Campaign Monitor).

As more companies relocate their operations online, analysts anticipate that inboxes will soon be overrun.

Large and small businesses find SMS marketing appealing because it is immediate and has a personal touch, but they are not the only ones.

According to data from Attentive, about 58% of customers prefer to get information by SMS.

SMS marketing is more cost-effective overall, has greater engagement rates, and even higher conversion rates.

The best part is that SMS marketing develops stronger consumer ties and is more intimate than many other marketing methods.

What is SMS Marketing?

Short message service (SMS) text is used in SMS marketing to forge connections with clients and fulfill their needs.

Focusing on courteous and compliant communication with their target audience is what marketers do.

They generate leads and interest in goods and services by using word placement, visuals, and buy-now buttons.

How SMS Marketing Operates in Malaysia

Email and SMS marketing are comparable in terms of strategy. Like email marketing, the primary objectives of blast out SMS are often to sell, inform, or foster loyalty.

Businesses can send one-to-one or bulk SMS messages, depending on their objectives.

SMS is an “owned” SMS marketing channel in which the sender has complete control over the recipient list and dissemination.

A subscriber’s approval is required before one may try any of the following SMS marketing campaigns:

  • New product introductions
  • Special deals (limited-time sales, free shipping)
  • subscriber-only promotions
  • Quick sales
  • contests by SMS marketing message
  • Loyalty initiatives
  • Alerts for product drops

A short code, which is the SMS counterpart of a business email address, is necessary for SMS marketing.

A short code is merely a phone number that has been condensed to five or six digits; since they are “short,” they are simple to memorize.

Customers send a keyword to this short code to confirm they want to receive your SMS marketing messages.

A purposeful action, an SMS marketing subscription almost never results in fake phone numbers.

Your Best Practices for SMS marketing

Take into account these 7 key approaches to launch your SMS marketing campaigns successfully:

1. Get desired approval

As long as you acquire consent before sending texts, SMS marketing will always be a useful marketing tool.

One can run into legal issues if a potential client or customer objects to your SMS messages to them.

Additionally, sending unsolicited SMS texts has the feeling of spam, which is bad for business.

Don’t manually upload a list of contacts or phone numbers and start sending bulk SMS. One must first obtain their consent.

Make sure one keeps track of opt-in agreements because people frequently forget to do so.

2. Make it simple to decline

Text message marketing needs customer confidence more than any other medium. To do this, make it simple for clients to join and leave a business’s bulk SMS list.

Having your customers text your company first to enroll is another method to give them power.

One pleasant aspect of Postscript in particular is that clients may SMS you to confirm their SMS marketing subscription.

3. Take into account a special, brand-friendly SMS marketing short code

In fact, short codes are just that. A 5 or 6-digit phone number designed exclusively for businesses and large-scale mobile communications; necessary when employing bulk SMS for extensive SMS marketing campaigns.

These SMS marketing codes are easier to memorize and enter since they are shorter than regular phone numbers.

The best part is that these figures are well-suited for SMS text marketing. Wireless operators have separately approved these for SMS marketing.

No messages will be banned, and you may send bulk SMS much more quickly than with conventional mobile phone numbers.

Having an SMS marketing Malaysia short code is essential, especially for time-sensitive deals.

4. Attempt to inform, not often to promote

One should be particularly cautious of business customers’ inboxes because it’s simple to opt-out of receiving promotional bulk SMS.

As a general guideline, the majority of the messages need to be about an order, from progress updates to requests for feedback.

5. Be witty, succinct, and obedient

Don’t misuse the privilege after the users have shown an interest in hearing from the company.

When sending SMS promotional messages, be witty, interesting, and succinct. Give them the knowledge that genuinely matters or an offer they can’t refuse.

6. Think globally but act locally

Select an SMS service provider that can scale and expand along with the company’s SMS marketing initiatives and send the most text and picture messages in the shortest period of time.

Additionally, businesses need a supplier with a wide carrier network to support both international and local phone lines.

Your provider should be able to automatically transmit your SMS messages at the appropriate time and in the appropriate time zone since, according to the TCPA, SMS marketing Malaysia communication is only permitted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

7. Considering the setting

Avoid sending subscribers random messages while creating SMS marketing campaigns. Even though one might believe an open is fantastic, uninvited communications don’t always function at their best.

SMS marketing has evolved as one of the most effective and dependable methods for large and small enterprises to communicate with their consumers in a more intimate and direct manner.

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