Things That You Should Avoid Doing on Your Landing Page


example of homepage dummy

1) Too much information or information that is irrelevant to the purpose of the landing page

Landing page that is cluttered with too much information and is irrelevant to the page will confuse and irritate the readers which will most likely to lose their patience and leave your site.

A landing page also should only contain clear, relevant and concise information that will assist your reader in finding out about your product, service or others.

2) Break a promise or mislead your readers

Always make sure that the content of your landing page provides exactly what you have promised the reader at the page.

Readers that come to your landing page are expecting to see something specific.

For instance the readers might have clicked on one of your advertisement which indicate that you have a promotion 70% off for shared hosting.

However, when they arrived on your landing page you are pitching something that is totally different.

3) Poor headline wording

The first thing the the reader reads is the headline.

Therefore, writing good headlines is crucial to your landing page’s effectiveness.

Thus, you should put some effort to learn how to do this.

4) Slow-loading landing page or website

Avoid stuffing too many streaming videos or other content that can slows down the page.

You can optimize your site’s load speed such as avoid putting too much components on your page or installing a caching plugin.

You can also pay for a better hosting provider or move from a shared hosting to dedicated server in order to improve your website’s speed.

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