What is the Lark Suite? How This Project Management Tool Helps Your Team’s Productivity


LarkSuite Project Management Tools

One can increase productivity and learn new ways to work together with the Lark suite, where one can use a variety of interactive team collaboration tools including Meetings, Messenger, and Calendar, as well as Docs, Mail, Workplace, and many more.

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What exactly is Lark Suite?

LarkSuite interface

Lark Suite, or Lark for short, an enterprise collaboration tool from ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, appears to be comparable to team collaboration platforms.

Lark’s developers, though, describe it as “a tool to enhance people’s work processes.” While that is a bold claim, the Lark’s team believes it can be justified.

Users get access to Lark versions of Calendar, Docs, Messenger, Meetings, Cloud Storage, Email, and other project management applications on the Lark platform.

While these functionalities are available on other platforms, Lark has several tricks up its sleeve to differentiate itself.

How does the Lark Suite work?

Lark makes an effort to combine everything into a single platform without requiring users to switch programs or tabs, as opposed to quitting the program and switching to a browser, for example.

The Lark Suite is focused on increasing efficiency for the best team cooperation possible. Lark’s seamless integration of several project management tools allows users to focus on what’s essential instead of hopping between separate programs.

Lark is completely free of charge. The sole benefit paying corporate users to receive is unlimited storage and priority support.

Lark’s free edition still includes unlimited video conferencing minutes for up to 350 people, a shared 200 GB of cloud storage space, and 500 GB of email storage for the whole organization.

Lark may also be used on a variety of devices. If one doesn’t want to download an app, one may use it on the computer. Lark is also available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How Does Lark Project Management Tool Aid in Team Productivity? 

Lark does its best to appear and act like a variety of project management tools and simple web browser extensions, whether the company is new to workplace suites like Lark or switching from a different platform.

Lark Messenger, for example, allows users to build custom chat threads for team collaboration, project management, and other team members.

Anyone who is acquainted with Slack or Microsoft Teams would recognize Lark’s Messenger tab.

Lark Messenger allows users to view their interaction history, alter message priority settings, and check message delivery status.

1# Chat functionalities that are built in

Lark Messenger

When one launches Lark, the first screen that appears is Lark Messenger. Here, one will have a plethora of tools at their disposal.

A meeting may be scheduled, a colleague’s calendar can be checked, essential messages can be highlighted and pinned, announcements can be set, messages can be searched, and more.

2# Video conferencing with Lark

Lark Meeting video conference tools

Lark can now organize video conferences with up to 350 people and infinite minutes. This can be useful for individuals who wish to host calls with external members or the community they administer without having to pay an additional fee.

In addition, users have access to Magic Share, which allows them to work on a single document without leaving the video conference.

3# Secret chats provide more privacy.

When starting a chat with co-workers, there is an option on Lark to start a secret chat. This capability is excellent for sending one-time passwords or sensitive corporate papers.

The timer on the Lark messages may be set to clear after a minute, an hour, one day, or one week.

5# Screenshots with annotations

A screenshot tool is available in Lark conversation. It has annotation tools as well as a mosaic if specific aspects need to be blurred.

Screenshots have an automated watermark function that shows who made them.

6# Automatic text-to-speech conversion

The option to automatically convert audio notes to text is one of the features that Lark has that is beneficial for users. After recording the audio remark, the user will be given the option to instantly translate the audio into text for the conversation.

Alternatively, while recording audio, this capability can be enabled from the start.

7# Privacy 

Lark’s desktop and mobile apps value user data, which is essential for any web-based workflow solution.

While Lark does gather user data (including messages, files, audio, and so on), it does so in order to offer users the best possible experience when using the platform. Lark also uses data to manage support requests and authenticate users.

When it comes to uploading information to the platform, all communications are protected by military-grade AES-256 encryption, with Key Management Service, an Amazon backup solution, handling a rotating encryption key.

8# Lark Docs

Lark Docs works in the same way as most online word processors. One may view documents, spreadsheets, and a recently included Bitable.

Bitable makes project management easier with tools like Kanban and Gantt charts. The predesigned templates might also be used to speed up the document creation process.

9# Third-party applications

As with other team collaboration systems, more tools may be added to improve workflow. Other team collaboration programs, such as Asana, Trello, Google Drive, and others, may be linked to Lark.

If one knows how to code, one can develop and code their own software to meet their specific demands.

10# Calendar

Lark users may sync their Google Calendars with Lark. Moving to-dos into Lark is straightforward because most individuals use Google Calendar to organize their work.

Video meetings scheduled on Lark are also accessible via the Calendar, and meeting notes may be seen on Lark.


Overall, Lark is a strong team collaboration tool that many people will like. It’s quick, and video conversations are steady, even for coworkers with weaker Wi-Fi connections.

LarkSuite is a fantastic office project management tool. The program performs efficiently on both desktop and mobile platforms, and there are several team collaboration tools, applications, and extensions available to help one build the ideal workflow environment for the organization and team.

If you want to know more about project management tools from Google and Microsoft, contact us now.

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