Exabytes Donates PPE to Frontliners via Collaboration with Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia


Exabytes collaborated with Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia to help protect the safety of the frontliners. We’re pleased to have donated around 500 sets of PPE to Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia who will be distributing the PPE and channel them to other hospitals in need of the supply and other red zones in the country.

Here, we would also like to extend a special thanks to Vitrox for helping Exabytes to order the PPE from their suppliers. 

Indeed, personal hygiene is extremely important in ensuring the safety of everyone, especially the frontliners. 

Imagine the daily life of the frontliners, getting exposed to the risk of infection every single second. In this regard, PPE (personal protective equipment) play an important role in protecting them when treating the patients. 

Due to the high demand for PPE, a shortage occurs not only in Malaysia but also around the world.  

Together we stand, divided we fall.

We salute the heroic act of the frontliners. Every day, they sacrifice themselves to protect and save our country. We, Malaysians will always stand by you.

Founder and CEO of Exabytes, Mr Chan Kee Siak (Right) and the Representative of Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (Left)

Exabytes SME Business Solutions help SMEs sustain their business and take their business Online.

Not only do we care about the frontliners, but also the local SME!

Exabytes (MY) has taken the initiative to assist and support SMEs to sustain their business. We had come out with several plans to help the SME seize the current opportunity without meeting face-to-face with the customer, get more people to notice your business while staying at home, and have virtual team collaboration while everyone is not in the office.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!  

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