Just in case you didn’t know, Exabytes has been announced as Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (“MDeC”) partner in the MDeC ISV Cloud Adoption program since last year. Among the many perks of being Exabytes MSC Cloud Program / MSC Malaysia Cloud Initiatives’ SAAS Acceleration Program are :

1) Applicant is eligible for RM15k cloud hosting incentive from MDeC
2) Applicant is eligible for RM3k cloud hosting incentive from Exabytes
3) Applicant is eligible for all Go-To-Market materials with Exabytes

Some of the many things we’ve done to help our ISVs in their marketing in the past include :

MDeC ISV & SME Cloud Adoption Program - Exabytes

And in case you missed our post that we posted last week, MDeC has also introduced their SME Cloud Computing Adoption Program where each SME can claim up to RM1,500 incentive for adopting SaaS solution. It is a programme by MDeC to accelerate the adoption and extend the full benefits of Cloud Computing to elevate the competitiveness and efficiencies of local businesses (“SMEs”).

MDeC ISV & SME Cloud Adoption Program - Exabytes

Besides all that we’ve mentioned above, we’re also working with MDeC to help broaden the go-to-market materials/efforts for the SMEs/ISVs, such as :

a) Helping SME to adopt SaaS solution to help increase their business efficiency
b) Helping ISV by organizing workshops

  • 1 workshop in PG (targeting 100 – 200 SME)
  • 1 workshop in KL (targeting 100 – 200 SME)

c) Working with our ISV to setup the booth and introduce their software solution for SME.
d) Participation in MAD TechVentures 2013
e) Participation in D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013

With so many perks described above, it is high time that ALL MSC status company developing SaaS solution to apply for this MDeC ISV Cloud Adoption program as there are only last 5 slot available before end of 2013!

However, if you’re not an MSC status company, but find this info interesting & worth sharing, you’re highly encouraged to spread the words to any of your friend that is an ISV! And if you’re an SME, take note that there’s the RM1,500 incentive that you can apply from the MDeC SME Cloud Adoption Program! Go cloud! 😉

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