10+ Inspiration Ecommerce Website Examples (Updated 2024)


Ecommerce Excellence: Inspiring Website Designs to Explore

What is an eCommerce Website?

An eCommerce website developed with the use of high-performance website builders focuses on the interest of customers for enhanced customer traffic to different websites.

Go e-commerce is utilized by SMEs and entrepreneurs to understand and learn more about the usage of e-commerce websites for various businesses.

Website builders develop effective e-commerce websites for small and large businesses to ensure that services are made available to users for better use.

Go e-commerce management systems ensure that the brands become market leaders through the use of effective features and other advanced tools.

E-commerce websites are developed along with solutions to simplify the issues concerning users through go e-commerce and other latest methods.

The professional team of website builders at Exabytes provides services to customers throughout the process through e-commerce website design, dashboards, and so on.

Exabytes is a well-known digital services and solutions provider which focuses on supporting SMEs through go eCommerce mechanisms for better results.

17+ Inspiration eCommerce Website Examples

The appearance of an e-commerce website has a huge impact on people as they get inclined toward websites having a clean and visually appealing design.

Website is often the first impression that the audience gets on your business and it is important to create an attractive and updated website.

The 17 Inspiration eCommerce website examples are the following:

1. Spotify


Visit website: https://open.spotify.com/

One of the top e-commerce website examples which inspire users is the Spotify website which has a simple and aesthetic design with images that capture the attention of users.

2. Apple

Apple website

Visit website: www.apple.com/my/

Apple puts forward a clean and modern design that gives a classic feel to users. The organized list of products with catchy content gives customers an idea about the website. 



Visit website: https://www.ketnipz.com/

Harry Hambley’s first KETNIPZ comic was originally published on Instagram and has since grown into a full-fledged empire. From murals with the main character Bean to tattoos, you’ll find them all around social media.

For a brand as quirky as this one, it has done an excellent job at keeping the site lively and engaging. The use of color and playful fonts are appreciated.

4. Déplacé Maison

Deplace Maison

The Déspacé Maison is an urban trekking store that offers shoes and accessories. The site has a quirky, fun feel which sets it apart from other eCommerce sites.

With awe-inspiring images you can’t help but love, the site provides a visual experience unlike any other. The site is definitely one to browse around when shopping for cool and current clothes in town.

5. Mahabis

Mahabis website

Visit website: https://mahabis.com/

This e-commerce website has interactive features which help to enhance the engagement of users and learn more about the products.

6. Framer

Framer website

The enhanced engagement and quality information provided to users through high-performance website builders is what makes Framer e-commerce website special and unique. 

7. Onfleet

onfleet website

Onfleet has an elegant design with various demonstrations and advanced features which is an important eCommerce website example preferred by users.

8. Poketo

Poketo website

Poketo utilizes vibrant colors with an easy-to-read font and enhanced navigation settings for effective user-friendly experienced users. 

9. Nike

Nike website

Nike is an excellent e-commerce website example that has a lot of varied options ranging from navigation to filtering developed by skilled website builders.

10. Dick Moby

Dick Moby

Dick Moby sells glasses and as you may have seen from its website, it has some pretty awesome design elements. For example, the fun patterns and squiggles you can see at the top!

Second, it’s the quality photos of its glasses. Notice that on the Shop page, the glasses are alone without anything in the background. That lets the product stand out. It’s a great eCommerce website example where elegant design helps create a unique feel.

11. Jackie Smith


12. Lush

Visit website: www.lush.com/uk/en

This cosmetic e-commerce website, apart from having a simple website design, has smooth navigation which makes it easier for users to find the products of their choice. 

13. Warby Parker

Visit website: www.warbyparker.com/

Warby Parker is one of the best examples that can be considered if you are looking for inspiration for your eCommerce website design. It has a whitespace with the top features displayed on the top itself for making the process of searching easier for users.

14. Grovemade

Visit website: https://grovemade.com/

The appearance of the Grovemade website matches the products on the website which uses whitespace to give a better visual experience to users. 

15. Yotti 

Yotti has an impressive human-centered design developed by efficient website builders which makes it one of the best e-commerce website examples.

16. Lookback

The use of refreshing happy visuals will give users a welcoming feel as the features in this e-commerce website enhances the positive vibe.

17. Gorgias

Gorgias is an e-commerce website that has an appealing design with attractive color combinations and a lot of white space making it easy to read.

18. Helbak

One of the perfect examples of an e-commerce website is Helbak which is mainly focused on small businesses with a beautiful display of products.

19. UNTUCKit

Zeus focuses on treatments concerning hair loss, skin care, weight loss, and so on and has an amazing website having high-quality photos of models using the products. 

20. Allbirds

The values of this e-commerce website which are simplicity and sustainability are reflected through their website design which attracts more users to utilize the services.

9 Steps to Build an eCommerce Website

create ecommerce website

Building an e-commerce website is a simple process where various e-commerce solutions are provided to users based on their interests.

Having a proper understanding of eCommerce websites will help in creating high-performance websites with advanced features.

The 9 important steps to building an e-commerce website are the following:

Step 1: Choose the apt e-commerce platform

The first important step while developing an e-commerce website is to choose the apt e-commerce platform which goes with the website and business objectives. 

Step 2: Purchasing a domain name

Having a proper domain name that is precise and apt will help people to memorize it along with easy usage in marketing. 

Step 3: Find a developer

The role of a website builder is integral in an eCommerce website as they focus on the incorporation of various advanced features along with prioritizing customer needs. 

Step 4: Select an eCommerce theme

An e-commerce website theme is one of the aspects which will be noticed by users which becomes one of the determining factors to choose that particular e-commerce website.

Step 5: Customize eCommerce template

After confirming the eCommerce website theme, it is important to choose a customized template that will help to enhance the appearance of the website.

Step 6: Add products

The addition of products begins right after the completion of the basic steps where the required products have to be chosen and arranged aptly. 

Step 7: Organize payment options

The payment options need to be finalized and have to be added to clear the doubts of users concerning eCommerce websites and use according to their interests. 

Step 8: Sort out shipping settings

The shipping settings are also another important factor that is arranged properly by the website builders to complete the whole setting of the e-commerce website.

Step 9: Evaluation and publishing

The final step is to publish the developed e-commerce website after careful analysis and evaluation to prevent any kind of complaints in the future.

Quick Summary

  • eCommerce websites are developed to enhance the buying and selling of different products and services concerning different businesses for their better functioning.
  • Exabytes focuses on the development of eCommerce website designs which are simple and elegant designed through the assistance of professional website builders and other tools.
  • Go e-commerce campaigns and other processes are carried out to support businesses in joining e-commerce platforms for enhanced functioning.

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