Premium Domain Names: Is It Worth Investing in One?


Investing Premium Domain Names

Digital enablement of businesses is gaining momentum, one of the key areas wherein the business must focus on their online presence is the usage of premium domain names.

The question to ponder with the buzz happening around these high quality domains leads to are premium domains worth it.

The answer in absolute stands a yes, the premium domains make a significant impact on the business both in terms of dealing with an online presence and as an asset for the organization.

Realistically, most of the domains are registered at a price that is less than that of Starbucks Coffee, with a distinct set of domain registration deals available from the domain registration service companies.

While the first-year domain registrations are given at dead-cheap prices, more often the businesses pay higher values during the renewal of the domain names.

However, some domain names are simple, easier to memorize, and in demand among businesses. Check your ideal domain here.

Such domains are treated as premium domains wherein the people are interested to pay higher values for registering such popular domain names.

More specifically in the case of the TLDs (Top Level Domains), and having more popular extensions, the premium domains are in high demand.

To answer the simple question, are the premium domains worth it, there are numerous reasons to convince about how quality domain names can be resourceful for the business.

Fundamentally, in the digital enablement of businesses, one of the critical requirements is to ensure that the customers and visitors to the website remember/recollect the website names to a good extent.

Businesses usually spend thousands of dollars to ensure that search engine marketing is managed well to keep the domain names at the top of the search list.

When high quality domain names are available, and businesses spend more on purchasing such domain names for the long-term, it saves huge costs for the businesses in promoting the premium domain names.

Why and How a Premium Domain Name?

domain name website url

Premium domain names are in general short in length, very simple, brandable, and are more often category-defining.

In addition, if there is a good TLD extension, it is a boon for the domain name to transpire into a premium domain name. 

As no two parties can hold the same domain name, always the domain names stand unique or with some sort of changes to the domain name. 

The domain names which are more sought after and gains traction in search lists are classified as high quality domain, and usually, such premium domain names demand a higher price.

Every such premium domain name can easily define the business category and can help in boosting brand value online. 

A distinct set of factors contribute towards qualifying the domain names into premium domain names.

How Do You Know if a Domain is Premium?

Some of the factors that lead to the classification of domain names as premium domain names are 

1. Length

One-to-two-word names or three-letter words or short-words or noun names are usually easier to remember and is appealing to a wider audience. 

For instance, a pet shop having its domain name can be more appealing and easier for businesses. 

Or you can go creative like this pet insurance company that goes by, using part of its name as a top-level domain.

2. Brand Management

Using a catch, unique kind of names that are easy to the remembrance of the site visitors is a good option, wherein the businesses can rely on good options to use the domain name for marketing. 

A high quality domain name combined with a unique and contemporary range of web designs can help improve the brand image of businesses. 

Are premium domain names worth it? For this question, the other significant aspect that makes a high-quality domain name in demand is the need for the usage of keywords in search engine marketing.

Some brand keywords strategically paired with the right kind of domain extension can improve the possibilities of better hits and rank to the sites.

For instance, considering the unique and catchy domain names like or www.pizzaorders.stores, etc can help in better reach, and the combination of keywords used can help better outreach in the process. 

When a business opts for a premium domain name, it’s a kind of long-term investment into the brand, and there is exclusivity integral to the process, leading to improved online identity. 

When a high quality domain is purchased for an online business, there is a competitive edge for the businesses in the segment or the target market they cater to. 

Are Premium Domain Names Worth It 

Yes, some of the key reasons why businesses are keen to invest a significant proportion of their digital enablement budgets in a premium domain name are:

1. More Traffic

In the case of organic traffic consistency, original and relevant content posted regularly over the premium domain-centric website has potential chances of better ranking.

The probability of the quality domain names getting more hit rates in the search rankings is higher in comparison to the conventional scenario.

Thus, the chances of a catchy domain names attracting more clicks can result in better traffic, leading to increased business revenues.

2. Marketing-Friendly

Premium domain names are marketing-friendly, and they can be effective for business marketing when used in effective ways over social media or offline marketing conditions too.

When a simple kind of premium domain name is used over the merchandising or billboard kind of advertisements, garnering the user’s attention towards such a unique and catchy domain name is easier.

3. Voice Search

voice search statistics
Always keep the latest statistics updated with Google.

Currently, majority of the google search is kind of voice search options, and for the users, it can be much easier to have domain names that are short and easy to pronounce getting cleared in radio-test, and the ease of the premium domain name websites getting popped up in voice search is easier.

Also, in the other dimension, for a business building, multiple kinds of assets are important. With an increasing demand for a digital presence, a good domain name can always remain a good asset for the business.

For good or wrong reasons, when a business owner prefers to sell their business, a high quality domain name can also get good value.

Are the premium domain names worth it, hope this question is answered elite in this article?

For assistance to register quality and unique domain names for your business, reach us at Exabytes Malaysia for more information.

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