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how to turn data into insights

Yes, you’ve probably already published multiple blog posts and articles or launched your content marketing for your website. 

The question is, have you conducted a content audit for your website? Or do you just blindly follow your inner voice or the popular trend? 

Not everyone likes the website content audit process, as it requires real hard work and brainpower to reach a final conclusion.

In this post, we are pleased to show you the essential information you should know when it comes to performing a website content audit. 

Top website content audit checklist, especially for digital marketers and SEO specialists:

1. Top Organic Pages – Analysis

You can get this information using Google Search Console, where you need to export the data and continue with the analysis.

Google Search Console dashboard

Next, manually insert the category, theme, or group of each particular page:

google search console CSV

I’m going to skip over the top clicks, impressions, and CTRs because they’re self-explanatory. However, once you insert the “Category” column, those summaries become insights or hints that you want to pay attention to.     

For example, let’s say from the top 100 organic pages on your website, you notice the top categories are all related to social media, sales, or specific products. 

These insights are helpful for evaluating your content marketing strategy and determining whether the focus is correct or not.

2. Top Converted Pages  

You need to log in to your Google Analytics 4 to proceed with the check and data analysis. 

google analytics 4 traffic acquision

Google analytics 4 page and title table

Go to Reports > Life Cycle > Engagement > Pages and Screens: page title and screen class, then sort by “Event count.”

Since my website will have /blog for all the blog posts, I add “blog” to only the blog post articles. 

From there, you can clearly identify which blog posts are the true winning articles that bring conversions to your business. 

At the very least, you should maintain and continue to improve your champion content. Not to forget, you can expand more on the subtopics or related genres of the proven working blog posts. 

I’m sure looking at the table will surprise you if you’re doing it for the first time. 

3. Traffic Acquisition (a.k.a Source and Medium) 

Next is the classic “source and medium” analysis of all the content on your website. You can check from Reports > Life cycle > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition:

google analytics 4 traffic acquision

I filter using “blog” posts to check only that specific group of data. 

google analytics 4 channel distribution

While “Organic Search” is clearly the clear winner, “Referral” can reach more than 1 minute of “Average engagement time per session.” I would further explore what pages coming from the “Referral” channel are able to retain viewers longer. 

If you have heavily relied on social media, then “Organic Social” might be a better choice. 

Anyway, the winner pages fall under “Organic Search” and should always be on your radar. 

Now, you should be able to answer the following:   

  • What are the top, best performing pages for my website? 
  • What type of theme and blog post direction are suitable for my niche?

*Remember to adjust and fine tune your content strategy based on facts, not opinion. 

Final Takeaways from the Website Content Audit Checklist

Performing a website content audit can be time-consuming, but it is extremely beneficial to you as a content marketer, digital marketer, or business owner. 

Lastly, are you still not sure which metrics, variables, or data you should include in the content audit? Let me sum it up for you. 

Focus on data that generates conversions or value for your business.

Happy Auditing! 

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