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What is .MY Domain Malaysia

Who can register for .MY Domain registration?

Individual – for .MY domains
Organization – for .MY / .COM.MY domains

What is the registration requirements for .MY Domain

A business owned by an individual who is a natural Malaysian citizen or a company from Malaysia may register a .MY domain. Documents for these are verified by MYNI before approving a domain registration

What is the registration requirements for .COM.MY | .NET.MY | .ORG.MY | .BIZ.MY Domain

To register a MYNIC registered Malaysia domain in these extensions, the domain owner must have a company registered as a business entity in Malaysia.

What is the registrant information needed?

For Individual:
– Valid Malaysia postal address as an administrative contact
– “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be left empty for all sections of contact details

For Organization:
– Valid Malaysia postal address as an administrative contact
– “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be filled in for the administrative contact if it is to be Organization and empty in case it is to be Individual
– “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be filled in for the Registrant contact
– Organization name should exactly match the one associated with the Unique Entity Number (UEN). 

What Is .MY Domain Malaysia

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is a domain name used to define the domain for a particular country. The .MY ccTLD is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Malaysia.

This domain extension was assigned to Malaysia in 1987. The authorized body handling all .my domains as a registry is MYNIC Berhad, also known as MYNIC.

Since its inception, the .MY domain is a Malaysia domain name used by most corporate companies in Malaysia.

The prime objective of using a local domain name is to build a reputation and perception of being a local business entity with a global reach.

Register a .MY domain Malaysia helps boost the business and promotes an amazing economic growth rate for various companies in the Malaysian localized markets.

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Who Can Register a .MY Domain Malaysia?

The .MY domain or Malaysia Domain Extension is useful:

  • Where the business heads are from Malaysia
  • That have their businesses legally registered in Malaysia
  • Have some business with the Malaysian market even if not from Malaysia
  • Whose domain needs to be registered or is in process of registering. 
  • That have not registered may only apply for a .com.my domain name if they appoint a local agent as the Administrative Contact.

Why Register a Domain Malaysia?

  • The World Bank has named Malaysia as a high-income economy with multiple sources of revenues. 
  • A .MY website name makes it easier to represent the company name in professional and legal way.
  • With legal documents mandated for the registration of .MY websites, it enhances the credibility of the business.
  • The website visitors would know that the business operations are legal with Country Code TLD.
  • .MY is the quickest way to access the digital consumers of Malaysia.
  • It makes local SEO and organic traffic push to the website an easier task with country code extension.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a .MY Domain

domain name website url

1. Short Domain Name

Short, clear domain names make it easy for visitors to recall, inform their peers and networking groups about the business website.

This enables word of mouth publicity which is essential for any business. Registering an appropriate domain name for an ecommerce business makes it easy to recall and remember.

Exabytes Malaysia has a strong partnership with MYNIC to help Malaysian e-commerce businesses register a cheap domain Malaysia of their choice.

Having a country specific domain extension for a product website makes it even more easy to brand it and design it using the local culture and heritage.

A Malaysia web design template would look better on a Malaysian website than on a .com website.

2. Helps Improve SEO Rankings

Localized domain names helps improve SEO rankings. Over a period of time, it also ensures that the website or blog moves to the first few pages of Google search results.

Using a domain that represents Malaysia makes it easier for Google to know more about the business. .MY& .COM.MY Domains being localized helps find maximum visitors from the local market.

Domain Finder Tool is a very useful utility which helps find a MYNIC domain or a domain Malaysia of your choice.

Exabytes Malaysia also offers Malaysia domain hosting and DNS management to customers.

3. Helps Brand the Business 

.MY & .COM.MY Domains enable companies to create a visible business presence in the Malaysian market.

Visitors looking for products / services specific to Malaysia would consider these domains to create a feeling of one’s own for the locals.

Be it a basic online store, an ecommerce business or a product website – having a MYNIC registered Malaysia ccTLD domain helps present the business helps immensely.

4. Free DNS Management

Helps manage the DNS records when planning to point it to hosting companies.

5. Enhance Customer Trust

A .MY domain helps gain an increased tryst credibility for a business with a MYNIC registered .my domain when they want to target Malaysian markets.

This builds a feeling of being safe in the customers while making purchases on the website.

Are you a business owner with an ecommerce business? Looking at an ecommerce website Malaysia with a specific ecommerce website design?

Exabytes can help develop great business websites – be it a basic online store or a product website.

Our hosting plans offer attractive web design templates along with add-on services like business email and Cloudflare CDN.

Exabytes provides cheap domain hosting and registration services with .MY domain as well to stay connected to the local market.

What is MYNIC?

MYNIC is a body under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM).

It is responsible for the domain registration, maintenance and operation of domain name registry, and is regulated by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

As an industry body, MYNIC is committed to help Malaysians and companies registered in Malaysia to reach out to the world with the use of .MY domain names. 

There are nine (9) domain name categories managed by MYNIC.

  • .my
  • .com.my
  • .biz.my
  • .org.my
  • .net.my
  • .edu.my
  • .gov.my
  • .mil.my
  • .name.my

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