Sama-Sama Digital: Business Grant for All-In-1 Digital Solutions


sama-sama digital introduction

Exabytes has launched a CSR program – #SamaSamaDigital – a business grant for All-In-1 digital solutions that provides e-Business solutions exclusively for Bumiputera SMEs.

This business grant subsidises a lot of Exabytes services.

You may be confused about which plan is most suitable for your business. Don’t worry – today, I will explain everything in this blog post.

Build an Online Website Presence and Create Brand Awareness

If your company is a traditional business and ready to move over to online business, you may need to build your own website or eCommerce at first. When your company has your own website, your existing customers will be able to browse through your products and services to have a better understanding of your business.

You may ask how to go about getting more new customers? Definitely, you need to run digital ads such as Facebook ads or Google ads. You will need to run some awareness ads to create an understanding of your target audience so that they are aware of your brands.

You are highly recommended to use this SME grant on our plan, which covers eCommerce, corporate web design and digital marketing solutions.

We will help you design and build your website, especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. When your website is ready, our digital experts will help you create awareness to get more sales leads and conversions.

Recommended Package: Package Website Plus + Facebook ads, Package eCommerce + Facebook ads

For Getting New Customers – Short-Term Digital Marketing

Normally, you will find that your competitor runs the ads to get more new customers or leads. If your company is in the expansion stage and would like to get more new customers, kickstarting Facebook or Google ads will definitely be the best way to generate more sales leads for your sales team to follow up.

All you need is to build a lead page to get your users filled out their details. This is especially useful if most of your customers reach your business from Google search. In this scenario, we strongly recommend the Managed Google Ads Plan to generate more leads.

If your audience is more active on Facebook, then choose to run Facebook ads to gain more awareness and generate your sales leads.

In this case, managed Facebook ads would be the best choice to kickstart and gain more new customers. Make good use of Sama-sama digital a Bumiputera grant that can help your business grow online.

Recommended Package: Package Facebook ads management, Package Google ads management

Retaining Your Customer – Long-Term Digital Marketing

If you are seeking a long-term marketing strategy to retain your customers, digital ads might be a bit costly for your marketing budget. Other marketing channels, such as email marketing, SMS marketing and SEO will need to be implemented on your marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the common and most effective marketing campaign for business-to-business or business-to-customer. Customers will be triggered to purchase when they receive a promo newsletter from their favourite shop.

Some experts might say email marketing is dying. The fact is, email marketing if done right will give you amazing results. It’s about how users learn to use it the right way. One key takeaway is to avoid spamming the recipients/customers.

SMS marketing is the easiest way to engage your customers. You will still read SMS for certain purposes, even if you are more active on online communication tools (like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc).

You will still read SMS to get your parcel status, Member Day Promo, etc. It somehow still works effectively for B2C business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a long-term marketing campaign that most companies implement. It is more cost-effective than search ads to make your website get found and ranked in Google search results.

So, if you are looking for long-term marketing, you are highly recommended to look at these offers and apply them with this business grant.

Recommended Package: Package Bulk SMS + Facebook ads, Package Email marketing + Facebook ads

Looking for High a Resource Website

If you run an established company with a strong online presence and high website traffic, it’s important that your website is hosted on a high specification server.

In addition, when your business expands, your server might need to be updated so it can handle all the heavy traffic.

Let me brief you about what SSD VPS, Managed Dedicated Server and Vmware are.

SSD VPS refers to a virtual private server already with SSD storage. With SSD VPS hosting, you are allocated with the hosting resources similar to a dedicated server — no one will be sharing server resources with you. Moreover, SSD drives allow your website visitors to have a smooth and pleasant website experience.

Managed dedicated server maximizes the performance of handling heavy traffic workloads. The Exabytes managed dedicated server plan has gone through the reengineering process to serve your website visitors or customers at blazingly fast speed coupled with reliable uptime.

If you’re seeking a cloud platform fit for mission-critical applications, go for VMware Packages by Exabytes, a market leader in virtualisation and cloud technology.

Unlike traditional hosting, VMware solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

VMware Cloud Server supports High Availability (HA). When one server is in trouble, other machines are immediately ready to take over the work

Recommended Package: Instant Dedicated Server, SSD VPS, VMware

Looking for High-End Security Co-Locations

Are you tired of managing your own server in your building? Move your server to Exabytes Data Center. Exabytes high availability & high bandwidth solutions, coupled with the state-of-the-art data centres are designed to give businesses everything they need.

Besides, with other data centres situated around the world, our worldwide customers enjoy the fastest network access, besides 24/7 Server Care.

Utilising Sama-sama digital business grant can help to subsidise the cost of this service, giving you a better return on investment.

Recommended Package: Server Co-Location

In Sum: All-In-1 Digital Solutions

We hope this guideline can help you choose the best solution that suits your business needs.

Understand all the packages details offered by visiting this page.

For more enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our account manager, Mohd Emly Lee for assistance via WhatsApp/email.

The grant ends on 31 December 2021.