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SMS marketing case studies

SMS marketing has been around for a long time since a rudimentary mobile phone could receive text messages.

However, the phenomenal growth of smartphones in recent years has made it possible for customers to purchase much more from the palm of their hands with creative SMS marketing.

Studies show that SMS (Short Message Service) is now the second-most popular form of communication among both young and elderly generations globally.

SMS marketing is anticipated to grow by 52% by 2023 as it continues to gain popularity.

Globally, 8.3 trillion text messages were exchanged in 2017 – that’s 16 million each second. Of those, around 1.67 trillion were commercial communications delivered via services.

What is the Purpose of SMS Marketing?

Promotional, communicational, and transactional uses all exist for SMS marketing. When used effectively, SMS is a very powerful marketing tool, with an average text message open rate of up to 98%.

When messaging is required, SMS marketing campaigns are a great addition to email.

  • Timely – The average individual may check their phone over 80 times per day, compared to the many others who only check their email one to three times each day.
  • Interactive – Text messages have a 134% higher response rate from customers than emails.
  • Personal-  Consumers are more likely to see text messages as being individualized than they do email.

Here are the Top SMS Marketing Case Studies.

Some of the best case studies come from companies that have used this strategy for years. They have found success by connecting with their customers on a personal level and by making sure that their messages are tailored specifically to them.

1# Game of Thrones

HBO wanted to provide Game of Thrones (GOT) viewers with a far more wonderful experience than what could be produced by conventional TV advertisements and social media posts.

They made the decision to use the Three-Eyed Raven campaign to deliver customized text messages by using the capabilities of creative SMS marketing.

Subscribed fans received notifications, links, and hints that hinted at impending episodes via the text messages service.

Within the first two months of the campaign’s introduction, 70,000 members had signed up, which contributed to a record-breaking amount of excitement for each episode of the season.

For more information: HBO uses SMS to reach out to the massive Game of Thrones audience.

2# Airbnb

airbnb website

Airbnb allows customers to post, find, and book rooms that meet their vacation needs.

Once visitors have selected a suitable location, they may get in touch with the owner via the Airbnb app or website to complete the reservation details.

Airbnb automates its mobile communications by informing hosts through text messages about potential guests who may be attempting to book their lodgings.

When a visitor makes a reservation request, hosts automatically receive text messages and may immediately accept or reject the request on their phone.

In order to safeguard both parties’ privacy, Airbnb’s text messages platform also enables hosts and guests to contact each other directly about reservation specifics using disguised phone numbers.

3# Salesforce instantaneously gathers 19,000 survey replies.

One can always count on a large celebration when it’s hosted by Salesforce.

More than 19,000 people attended Dreamforce in 2009, which took place at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

Salesforce wants the audience to cast their votes instead of them selecting the “Best Partner App” on their own.

Attendees may text messages to vote for their favorite applications using a simple, user-friendly app that Salesforce and Twilio developed.

This creative SMS marketing strategy got them SMS voting from over 19,000 individuals, giving the event an exciting, real-time interaction component.

4# Dell

Despite being one of the leading PC and monitor manufacturers in the world, Dell finds it challenging to meet demand.

Dell introduced creative SMS marketing to keep up with purchase confirmations and consumer alerts.

Dell would notify consumers of orders and let them know when their payment cards were being held through text messages.

Customers have the option of rapidly returning to the website to enter an alternative payment method or calling their credit card issuer to address the problem.

The company was able to keep customers informed since up to 98% of text messages are read within 4-6 minutes of delivery (compared to 22% for email).

5# Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut desired a better approach to enable local consumers to interact with certain restaurants to:

  • Offer discounts exclusive to the store.
  • Inform clients about charitable events.
  • Customers should be encouraged to pick up pizza for nearby activities.

Customers may receive a free big pizza from Pizza Hut by simply text messaging the word FREEPIZZA to their shortcode and then according to a few straightforward instructions.

They used social media to promote the campaign, with a six-day creative SMS marketing ad spend and a cap of 100,000 free pizza vouchers.

Pizza Hut was able to collect email addresses because the vouchers could only be redeemed online, expanding both its SMS marketing and Email Marketing as a result.

6# Law Office of Ross and Pines

The legal practice of Ross and Pines wanted to improve the effectiveness and client-friendliness of its communications.

They were particularly worried about clientele who did not use email regularly.

The business built up creative SMS marketing and advertised it on its website. They discovered a few text message use cases, including

  • Sending reminders for appointments
  • Directions to their office or the court have been given.
  • Seeing pictures of accidents and injuries
  • Addressing client inquiries

The business saved a lot of time by using SMS marketing because there were fewer phone calls to make.

Cases moved forward more quickly with business SMS marketing as a consequence, and the ability to monitor chat history resulted in less duplication of work.

SMS marketing isn’t simply something of the future; it now exists.

Your brand runs the danger of falling behind and failing to profit from the greater reach and higher engagement rates that come with catering to mobile devices if text messages are not a key component of your marketing plan.

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