Top 10 Video Search Engines to Help Drive Traffic to Website


top 10 video search engines that help drive traffic to websites

Most people have heard of search engine optimization, or SEO if they have a website or blog for their company.

One may have also heard that incorporating Google Video Search may assist with SEO, allowing you to rank better in search results.

Everyone enjoys viewing videos online; the typical person spends 2.5 hours every day doing so.

Furthermore, company owners and marketers should be aware that 69% of consumers prefer to Google video search that explains a product or service.

Only 18% prefer to read text-based articles, while 4% prefer infographics.

What Exactly is Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

First and foremost, let’s define video search engine optimization.

Simply said, it is the use of video to appear higher in google video searches and brings more visitors to the website.

When someone searches for phrases relating to the business or sector, one might appear toward the top of the search results if the video is appropriately optimized for google video search.

Additionally, incorporating advanced technologies like an AI caption generator can further boost the video’s accessibility.

This applies to inquiries made through google video search as Google as well as video search engines such as YouTube.

In this essay, we’ll go through both of them.

How Can a Google Video Search Help Website SEO?

Google video search boosts the website’s SEO by increasing its ranking in the SERP, or Search Engine Results Page.

There are several video search engines available to help boost the search engine ranking of a website or blog.

Top 10 Video Search Engines to Help Drive Traffic to Website

1. Google

search video on Google

It’s no surprise that Google has one of the best video search engines.

Google excels at all types of searches, including video.

Google video search, as well as other search choices such as news and photographs, may be found in the search box.

To select the proper movie, it offers a variety of Google video search filters, including:

  • The video’s length.
  • A video of the date range was posted.
  • Quality (any quality or high quality) (any quality or high quality).
  • If it’s closed-captioned.
  • Source (website) (website).

One may find more possibilities, such as looking for films in a certain language, by heading to Google video search settings and selecting Advanced Search.

2. YouTube

YouTube Exabytes TV

YouTube is not a standard video search engine since it exclusively searches YouTube videos.

However, with 500+ hours of content posted to YouTube every minute, one has a decent chance of discovering what one is looking for in these video search engines.

Google owns YouTube; therefore, its Google video search skills are excellent.

3. Bing

search video in Bing

Google is a significantly more popular search engine than Bing, with a market share of 87% vs. 7% for Bing.

However, when it comes to videos, one should not dismiss Bing. In some ways, Bing video search outperforms even Google video search.

Bing’s filters, like google video search, include length, date, and source.

They also mention quality, although unlike Google Video Search, which only searches for “any quality” and “high quality,” Bing offers the following options:

  • less than 360p
  • 360p or more
  • 480p resolution or higher
  • 720p or greater 
  • 1080p or greater

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo search video

Traditional search engines such as Google and Bing are not for everyone.

Many people have turned to DuckDuckGo due to privacy concerns.

This search engine does not keep track of your searches like Google Video Search; it prevents external trackers and connects the encrypted version of a website wherever feasible.

If one wants to keep data out of Google’s clutches, DuckDuckGo also features video search engines.

5. Dailymotion

DailyMotion search video

Dailymotion is the second most popular video search engine behind YouTube, with over 300 million subscribers.

This “video search engine,” like YouTube, will only return results from its platform.

To get a more comprehensive list of results, search on both YouTube and Dailymotion.

The filters on Dailymotion are restricted to length and upload date.

6. Facebook

Facebook is the third most popular website on the internet, after only Google and YouTube.

Searching for videos on the Watch page like on video search engines is possible, as is entering a phrase in the main search field and selecting “video.”

Videos may be sorted by the date they were posted, and one can select to just watch live videos, music, shows, or stored videos like Google Video Search.

7. Dogpile

Dogpile began in 1996 as a metasearch engine that combined results from other websites.

While numerous old-school search engines have vanished, Dogpile remains.

Currently, it returns results from a variety of video search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex.

8. Veoh

Veoh, like YouTube, is a video search engine website that debuted in 2005.

It was one of the most popular video search engine sites on the internet in the mid-2000s, but it fell out of popularity, eventually filing for bankruptcy and changing hands.

Veoh can no longer compete with video search engine sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and most of its content needs to be updated.

9. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a video search engine that allows users to search for and buy stock footage.

A picture can also be used to search for videos.

Drag the image into the search field, and Shutterstock will provide stock videos with a similar topic.

10. Vimeo

Vimeo is the third-most-popular video search engine site, after only YouTube and Dailymotion.

Vimeo might not offer as many videos as Google Video Search, but it does have better video and audio quality.

11. Yandex

Yandex is Russia’s largest video search engine and the world’s fifth largest behind Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Baidu.

Yandex was specifically designed for the Russian market; therefore, the results may differ slightly from those of Google video search or Bing.

Yandex is a good video search engine; one may filter videos by duration, quality (HD or not), and posting time.

When it comes to seeking out video search engines, users have many options.

The leading video search engines include video search, which is beneficial to website SEO.

If one is looking for SEO services for a website, Exabytes can help one get more visitors using its creative video marketing services.

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