Why Local Hosting Is Important for Local Businesses

Local hosting for local businesses
Why choose local hosting company for your website

When selecting a web hosting provider, every business must look into multiple factors. The placement of their servers is one of the most crucial considerations since it has a significant influence on the development and profitability of a local business.

The risk involved in working with a web hosting company is really minimal, which is its best feature. One can always switch hosts if there are challenges with the current hosting provider hosting a website.

However, switching web hosting may be a little challenging, so it is best to choose wisely right from the start.

According to the Local Content Rewada report – Overseas web hosting increases the cost and latency of downloads.

Website loading times increase dramatically, often ranging from several milliseconds to half a second for a simple page.

As a result, visitors spend less time on websites, visit fewer pages, and return to the site less frequently. That’s why local hosting is a better choice.

Why is Local Hosting Better?

website hosting - host locally

A firm having servers in either the US or the UK can be a good choice if most of your clients are located there, but if your business is in Malaysia, you will require a web hosting provider with Malaysia-based servers if your target market is in Malaysia.

The majority of business owners don’t give this much attention, yet one of the most crucial elements in boosting internet traffic is to have a web hosting plan which helps load web pages at lightning speed.

Visitors on a website expect the pages they browse to load quickly. Therefore, if web pages take too long to load, they will leave and visit a competitor’s website instead.

A website’s loading speed will significantly increase if your web hosting provider has servers located in your locality. Also, upgrading your hosting plan to the most fastest NVMe SSD drive can help to improve the website’s loading speed and performance.

Local hosting as a feature is helpful for most businesses. Naturally, web hosting providers provide web hosting services from data centers based locally – be it local hosting Singapore or local hosting Malaysia.

Since web hosting companies might host your website anywhere in the world, it is usually wise to find out where the company’s servers are located.

5 Good Reasons to Choose Local Hosting

If you’re looking for reputed web hosting provider, you could be conducting extensive research to identify the best one.

Even if well-known brands initially catch your eye, attempt to remain impartial. Even though there are many excellent web hosting companies out there, hosting your website with local hosting provides you with better value for your money.

The benefits of hosting your website with a local hosting company like Exabytes are amazing.

Consider local hosting for the following reasons:

1. Speed

Website loading speed

Your website will operate approximately three times faster on local hosting compared to hosting elsewhere because of the extremely low latency.

Before deciding whether to host your website with a local hosting provider or abroad, it is crucial for you to identify the demands of your company.

Since local traffic is routed locally through the Internet Exchange Point of Malaysia, latency is better and quicker when you choose local hosting.

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2. Price

When choosing a cheap web hosting package, you get what you pay for! Although you might be able to save yourself a few dollars a month, you won’t be able to save yourself time or effort. Not to mention that you could have to wait for hours to speak with customer service when something goes wrong with your website.

Cheap web hosting plans are typically a way to get your foot in the door. After that, you’ll probably have to create the site from scratch.

When you host locally, you’ll get customer assistance in addition to a hosting package that comes with everything you need.

When you locally host, you are fully aware of what you are getting.

Additionally, you are dealing with actual people that are familiar with you and your website and are available to assist at any time of the day, week, month, or year.

You could even discover that some local web hosting providers like Exabytes are more affordable than well-known ones.

It is advised to carefully examine any hosting plan before making a purchase. 

3. Laws on data privacy

While hunting for a good web hosting plan or a local hosting provider – it’s important to be aware of the locations of the provider’s data centers well as the data privacy rules of the nation where your data is being housed.

The laws of the land no longer apply once essential information is housed outside the country in order to avoid the complexity of international laws.

For instance, if you host your data with an overseas web hosting service provider and if they were to become embroiled in a case of national security and were forced to shut down due to a motion against them, you may lose access to your data since the rules of the web hosting country would be enforced against you.

That’s why choosing a local host is beneficial for your local business.

4. Better customer service

When you have a local host, you’ll also get greater access to assistance when you need it most. Language and time zone differences, for instance, won’t be a problem.

Business working with a local hosting provider will have easier access to high-quality service if you host your website with a recognized local web hosting provider like Exabytes Malaysia.

An automated phone tree is replaced with a customer service representative after just one phone call for the local business owner.


If your target market is local, it is advised that you get a local host rather than one abroad.

Hosting your website with a local host will increase website uptime, assure quick page loads for local users, and provide you with better access to knowledgeable support staff and your target market, all of which will improve the user experience.

If your business is located in Malaysia, you should get a local host like Exabytes, which provides the fastest web hosting platform for local businesses.

Contact Exabytes Malaysia today for more details!

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